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December 05, 2012


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Congrats, Marvin! So glad to see where this awesome blogging journey has taken you. Enjoy the calm after the storm of editing -- you deserve it! Oh, and merry Christmas, happy New Year, etc. ;-)

Huge congrats, Marvin! Time to pre-order my copy! :D


Can't wait to get my hands on one here in Spain. Perhaps your publisher would like to send me a copy to review!!!!!!

Best of luck.

Congrats~!! I'm so excited for you!...and for me coz I just ordered my copy! Hope to meet you someday so I can have you autograph it lol ingatz!

Congratulations! Pre-Order already placed. I look forward to trying your recipes out.

CONGRATULATIONS, Marvin!! Looking forward to getting the book!

Congrats, Marvin! Can't wait! FWIW, I pre-ordered on Amazon in October! :)

Congrats Marvin. I know firsthand how hard it is getting a cookbook out there, especially on Filipino food, but how amazing does it all feel?!

spreading the word bro --- congratulations - can't wait to order a bunch of copies

Congratulations and thank you for your very hard work to represent!!

Congratulations! :) I'm sure writing the book's an accomplishment to tell great-great-grandchildren; mini-Marvins of the future!

Picky me, however, wants to make only *one* complaint: why, oh why, do we need three repetitions of the word "food" in just the title?

There! *breathe* I am done :)

Congratulations, Marv! Can't believe 6 years of following your blog will have passed by the time I get your book in the mail (just pre-ordered). I'm monstrously excited to read and try out your recipes in the cookbook! I hope you'll please, please, please sign my copy when the hubs, new baby and I move back to LA from Spain in 2014 :) Best wishes, and wishing you all the best with this project!

Thanks very much Lorena. Believe me, I am enjoying the calm now:)

I appreciate it Row!

Thanks Debs.

Thank you sallyroses.

I know you'll enjoy the recipes, MitchO.

Thanks so much Jun!

I appreciate the early support Arnold!

It feels good Adrian, thanks.

Thank you roland. Get the word out!

Thanks for the help Gina!

Point taken, anotherwise. The title was originally supposed to be just "The Adobo Road Cookbook: A Filipino Food Journey". But the publisher insisted on adding the rest. With that said, I like the title and feel it encompasses what's in the book and what its about.

Thanks so much for your long-time support Krizia! And wtf? You're in spain now? I'm jealous, they've got great food there!

Congratulations on such a great accomplishment, Marvin! I pre-ordered a couple of copies and am looking forward to their arrival. Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Just ordered mine! Then I'm going to order a bunch for every Pinoy and Pinoy-friendly person I know!!! Congratulations, Marvin!

Cheers for that! :) Love to try out new dishes everytime and this perfectly suites my menu plan for the week. :)

for the love of Filipino food! Great job Marvin! :)

Congratulation, Marvin!So glad to hear about the cookbook. I am very excited about this book.

Thanks for this book Marvin. Hope you'll continue to spread the word about filipino foods. I hope you'll write another book.

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