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October 31, 2012


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Looks great must try, and where's our halloween pix of Jr.?

Hi Marvin, how are you?
This dish sounds fabulous. I have mole in the freezer left over from a dish a few moths back, I think I might give a chicken pipian a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

Dang, that looks and sounds awesome! I've only had the guts to make mole once just because of the time it took, but it is one of the best things I've ever made. I should try this pipian out!

Cool, another new recipe to try! One of my friends had just given me a ziploc bag full of ground up pipian (it's very green) during her recent trip to Puerto Vallarta. Can't wait to use it as well.

I have never had this dish! I always learn something new every time a visit your blog :) Shame on me though for not having discovered this dish while I live over here!

Great post! definitely a filipino dish lover and I can't wait to have my wife try these!! thanks

Ha, thanks Ann. I really should start posting more pictures of my kid shouldn't I?

Hi Lori Lynn! Thanks for stopping by:)

Hi Julie, you've made mole one more time than I've had;) But yes, try Filipino Pipian out, much easier than a traditional mole.

Hey caninecologne, you're lucky to have such nice friends to give you food gifts from around the world!

Thanks Joey! Don't worry, I just discovered the dish too:)

Thanks Richard.

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