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July 09, 2012


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I'm so impressed! Super awesome to do this at home. I can almost smell those cookies.

I'd love to see your take on taho.

That's an unusual and beautifully orange calamansi. Would you know -- is it a different variety from what we have here, or did you just let it ripen before picking it? I realize this question might be very ignorant of me, but I really can't remember seeing anything but green calamansi over here.

That is so cool. I don't believe you made your own tofu.

So cool :)

The style is very cool and it is so neat. I'm gonna try this at home.

Hey Marv, what about homemade tokwa at baboy? Sisig fans will love you :D

Marvin, you are amazing. Love the use of the calamansi to flavor the silken tofu. Thank you for reading and using my book so well. I'm extremely flattered and honored.

Excellent post. I'm too lazy to do it myself, but have a suggestion on eating it. He! Cold tofu is usually combined with century egg and some dried pork and shaved scallions on top. Use soy sauce or Kikkoman as dipping sauce.

I've been making tofu regularly for a while using Andrea's wonderful guidance. The book is GREAT, and it's easy to make the tofu once you get the routine down - just like making paneer. The first time it took me a while as I kept consulting the instructions, but now I can do it start to finish in under an hour. I've made silken and regular (medium) tofu as well as pressed/flavored tofu. So, so good - better than you can buy anywhere. I have some cooling in the fridge now for dinner tonight.

thanks for sharing your recipe

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