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June 24, 2012


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This sounds delicious and refreshing! And you can drink that straight, with no mixers or ice, despite the alcohol content?

Brilliant, MG! Two of my favorite things combined. I'm really hyped about your forthcoming book.

OMG, that is so cool. I am on the ongoing mission to find a calamansi tree.

Hi Katrina! Yes, you can drink it straight out of the freezer. The addition of the simple syrup does dilute the alcohol a bit, but it also serves to make the Calamancello smoother.

Thanks Kris! I'm hyped too:)

Thanks Joy. You can usually find calamansi trees in the nursery section of hardward stores.

Awesome! Now I know what I can do with my calamansis from the yard! :)

Sounds good but would you please convince someone to sell calamansi? Maybe at a farmer's market?

I tried limoncello from one famed local restaurant and wasn't impressed. haha :) But I'm still interested in making this. Now how to prove to my mom I'm far from being an alcoholic. :)

Ah something I've always wanted to try making myself. Lemons are a bit more expensive over here in the PH but I do have access to a lot of calamansi. Going to look for good vodka. Will plain Absolut work? Im not sure if 100 proof vodka is available here.

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