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May 18, 2012


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Great recipe, I'll give it a try. Just a tip for marinating the chicken, put it into a gallon size ziplock bag to get it coated evenly with no flipping.. Easy cleanup too!

Bam and dayum! I haven't made adobo in a while. Will have to try this version out. Thanks! :)

Ooh, I like the twist with this (the white wine and thyme. I normally put one whole head of garlic in my adobo anyways, so 40 cloves doesn't seem that much more! this is something my husband would love. can't wait to make this recipe!

That is far more teasing adobo! So much garlic surely give it more taste.

An adobo recipe that would make Julia Child proud.

Oh sweet muthaofmercy. I bet one burp after a plate of this kills vampires within 10 mile radius. :D

I usually give my garlic a whack to peel them. Is this method okay for this dish or should I just ante up the money to buy pre-peeled garlic?

I haven't made adobo in such a long time--this is the kick in the pants I needed!

Great tip Danny, thanks.

Let me know what you think, Row.

Your hubby will love it caninecologne. Hope all is well.

Thanks murray.

Hey there Krizia!

I used the same method, Michelle. But I made sure not to totally squash the garlic. I just gave them enough of a whack to get the paper off. But pre-peeled garlic would be easier.

Thanks julie. Glad I could give you that kick:)

Oh yes, my kinda food, soy & garlic; nothing better, thanks.

New follower too.

40! It looks great. I wish i wasnt too lazy to chop up garlic.

Maybe 40 comes from the bible? When someone dies, after the 40th day, their soul goes to heaven and they usually have some kind of wake. Just a thought. Thanks for the recipe.

Wow! A fantastic version of adobo!!! One of the things I love about adobo is how you can modify it in so many ways :)

Wowza! Reads like a delicious merging of flavors. I haven't made an adobo I was happy with (for some reason other people's cooking just tastes better)! Perhaps this will be the trick, it sounds dang good!

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