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April 02, 2012


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Yay! Can't wait to see it!

Congratulations, Marvin! I can't imagine even what a monumental task it has been to write each recipe and photograph it as well. But I'm sure your hard work will be well-rewarded when you see it all come together in a wonderful book. I, for one, can hardly wait for early 2013! 8-)

SO excited for this. We know it's gonna be awesome! I'm sure I'll have to buy several copies for family and friends.

OMG I'm screeching, i'm screeching (in excitement). Can't wait! I am counting down for 2013 but hoping it gets done sooner. It will be so great to finally see all your hard work come together in this book. And I can't wait to cook from it!

Good luck and congratulations in advance! Is it too much of a stretch to ask for an autographed copy? hahahaha!

My Lolo from Ilocos Norte would say- Enduring perseverance is the stuff you are made of. When the physical has long gone but the mind is still so much capable... refreshing oneself, enough for the physical body to be strong again..."when the going get's tough, the tough(lumpia) get's going.....I have been a fan for afew years, this is my first commentary

That's awesome you did your own photos for your cookbook! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

I am so so so very excited for your book to come out!! Looking forward to it Marvin and a big congratulations once again!

And your photos are fantastic!!

I cant wait!

woot woot, i can't wait to have a copy of your cookbook. congratulations marvin... i'm sure it's worth all the compromises you did!
happy memorial day weekend,

Back here after more than a year. What incredible news this is and kudos to you for soldiering on. I hope you'll make your cookbook available to us here in Manila. Keep on keeping on!

looking forward to grabbing a copy of your cookbook! I love reading your posts and i love the pictures! :)

Really looking forward for a copy of your cookbook... I am a Filipino and I really want to have that book which made me salivate from time to time.

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