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March 18, 2012


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It looks very interesting I'm going to have to try this when I do the brine of my turkey. Sometimes I just get too lazy to Brine.

I have fond memories of canned corned beef growing up. Also Cheez Whiz and canned liver pate, though not all at the same time.

But man, that corned beef makes me hungry. I wonder if you could also make your own pastrami? Not Filipino, but it'd be delicious.

Awesome! You do the same thing my family does with our leftover corned beef brisket (we cheat with the pre-brined ones from the supermarket though). I love fried brisket slices with Silog.

I'm also curious. When you cook canned corned beef, do you use the ones which are more finely ground (ala Libby's) or the chunkier, more expensive variety (usually from AUS or NZ)?

Hey, this corned beef looks so delish! I haven't made it in a while. Must try your recipe. Thanks for sharing!

Sarap naman nyan nakakagutom tuloy sa office. Hahaha...

I was daydreaming about corning my own beef this year, but since it would be for a little St. Paddy's Day potluck at my house and would have to feed my friends, who I love, I wimped out. I still want to, though. I'm intrigued by the corned chuck, but I'm wary of whether it will be as awesome as brisket.

On a side note, corned beef was one of the non-Filipino dishes my mom would cook when I was really little (as I got older, she really started varying her repertoire). It was and is still one of my most favorite foods, and the hash--oh man, with cubed potatoes, rice, and hard-boiled eggs, then a douse of ketchup--oh man . . .

i cant imagine going out of ones way to make corned beef... i think if we do it this way, we will discover what Corned Beef should really taste like (not canned).

that corned beef looks like it would make a great breakfast plate!

Corned beef is one of my favorite breakfast together with rice.I don't think that there is a corned beef that not in can the cured corned beef. This is much better and fresh.

I agree. It's not corned beef without the red color!
I used to love the canned corned beef, and would even buy them after I got here. However, a few years back, I tried one of those cured ones available around St. Patty's and it's absolutely so much better. Also, instead of boiling it as instructed, I just put it in the oven at 300. They do tend to be very salty though.

I've only tried corning beef one time before and would like to try it again. Yours looks great!

Hello po!

Can i cook it in a pressure cooker instead of simmering for 3 hours?

LUMPIA, this name is very Filipino to me. I have heard of this one first in my Filipino friend. That is a delicious food I must say. The one that I tasted has got veges and meat in it.

I loved your Corned Beef. Thanks for all.

I loved Cured Corned Beef. Thanks for all.

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