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December 18, 2011


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wow! congrats in advance! i am excited for you and for your new cookbook as well!

i like to be part of this and help out in whatever way i can :)

I would LOVE to be a recipe tester! Been waiting for an update from your book for a while now. :) I'm from the San Fernando Valley in Socal, and as far as my cooking level when it comes to whipping up Filipino dishes - let's just say I can cook a good pot of rice (without the automatic rice cooker), beef steak, bilobilo, and palitaw. And, that's it. Just a little above beginner, I suppose.

Hello! I'm a mediocre cook, more of a baker than anything. I'm very good at being a follower of recipes, and I've been eating Filipino Food all my life.

It would be an honor to test your recipes. Please let me know how I can help!

LA area. Very skilled cook - Latin, European, American cuisine. Lots of crossover Latin-Filipino. I am up for the challenge. Prefer savory and meats.

Yes! I'd love to help you out test some recipes. Just Le t me know

Congratulations on the book. I'd love to be a part of the testing. I'm unsure of how to rate my skill level. I've cooked in a restaurant professionally, but not in quite some years. I am half Filipino, but when I cook Filipino food, I change things to where they are not traditional but can modestly say people have loved it.

San Francisco, CA
Novice Cook that loves your blog! :)

I'm from Guam, so am familiar with Filipino cooking, but currently live in Portland (OR). I'm a pretty good cook & have quite a collection of cookbooks, sometimes I just read them for flavor inspirations.

Me me me me me!!!

Before, when we were Stateside, I was learning to cook Filipino food because there were no restaurants serving it. Now, I'm try to cook it at home so that I'm not relying on restos to help me understand & appreciate an essential part of our culture!

As for my skill level for cooking, I place myself squarely in the "good" category - no foams, sous vide or spherifications but I can simmer and sauté with confidence. 8-)

I'd like to apply!

I'm from Miami, FL and I've had formal training in culinary arts and have more than 1 year under my belt in the kitchen. I do like Filipino food and have used your blog many times to educate myself for not just myself, but for my kuya (who is my boyfriend) as well :)

Central Florida, and let's say intermediate skill level as a cook and baker. I did learn from the School of Good Eats, though, so my theory should be good. =P I gravitate more towards sweet recipes, but I can do whatever. Good luck with the book.


i'm from zamboanga city, philippines. i have eaten and loved filipino food every single day of my 20 year existence. i've been a food blogger since july 2011 and i'd like to be part of your project to uplift and share filipino food with the world. :D

I'd love to test a few of your recipes. I'm from Covina, CA and am a intermediate-advanced cook with a small boutique candy catering business. When not working, I enjoy making savory foods for my friends.

Filipina-Canadian in Toronto. Intermediate to Advanced cooking skills. Comfortable from appetizers to desserts. Totally up for the challenge and would love to help out a fellow Pinoy. I love Filipino food and would be honoured to be part of this. Pick me!

Totally interested! I'm a competent cook and baker, though nothing formally trained or fancy. Haven't done sans rival, but wouldn't have problems making it. I also tend to try anything at least once. I'm in Maryland, and am always looking for more excuses to learn more Filipino foods.

Im in Las Pinas, PH. I would love to test your recipes for meat or fish. I cook as a hobby now but I used to worked as cook's assistant for 6 months on an international cargo ship. No formal training. You can check my blog out to see if I have the level of skills you need.


OMG OMG OMG I will SO be a recipe tester! (also I'm Filipina. PINAY LOVE!)

I'm a competent amateur cook. I'm somewhat more experienced in the pastry arts, but I like savory cooking as well. I live in a town with a large Filipino population and like to explore the cuisine. I've done some fusion desserts: ube crème brûlée and ube/coconut meringue cookies.

Oh man, count me IN. I'm an amateur cook, perhaps not the best but certainly not the worst either, and I'm getting better all the time. I've moved back to New York City from suburban central Florida, so hopefully I'll actually have access to quality Filipino ingredients here. I look forward to hearing from you!

If you want someone who's intrepid and can faithfully follow directions -- but mostly looking for ways to get tasty food on the table as soon as possible -- then I'm your girl. Looking forward to seeing your book in print!

I'd be thrilled to be a recipe tester for you! I'm a FilAm navy brat living in Long Island NY (but a SoCal native). I can make the more popular Filipino dishes, so am looking forward to trying some of the less popular ones, or the more complex ones. Good luck with the book...I'm rooting for you!

ALOHA!! from the great state of Hawaii and would like to be a recipe tester~ i fiddle in Filipino (Visayan/Tagalog), Japanese, Chinese, American cooking (just to name a few).

It'd be the greatest birthday present (on Dec27, thank you!) to have the honor of testing your recipes! Looking forward to it~ MAHALO!!

Mee2!! I'm from San Francisco, CA - came to the US at a very early age and learned how to cook filipino food through my Mom's old cookbooks, tutorials on you-tube and watching church-ladies whip up our national dishes. Would love to take part in a way to pass on the knowledge to future generations no matter where we may live. Level would be intermediate, preference on desserts!

I'd like to be a tester, I'm at the most basic level of cooking but I always make your ”wingin' it style” chicken adobo for my nephews and they love it. I'm originally from Guam but I'm 100% Filipino and lived in the Philippines for 5 years.

I'd love to try some new dishes over Xmas! I'm a busy mom so i like easy to moderate recipes. My
Husband will be excited - i made him adobo wings for the Pacquiao fight and he loved them! My background - PA Dutch with a Filipino husband who loves making new dishes.

i'd love to be a tester! i'm not a formally trained chef by any means but i enjoy cooking, do it often and am not intimidated by a tricky or difficult-sounding recipe. i'm not filipino but am engaged to one, and enjoy cooking (and eating!) filipino food. we live in brooklyn, ny.

I'd like to be a tester! I am not a professional cook, but I am a mom and stay at home wife/grad student. I live in Chicago, I am half filipina (born in the PI) and my mom lives thousands of miles away in Hawaii and I miss good filipino home cooking. I am also pregnant and have been craving filipino food like a mofo!

I'd love to be a recipe tester for you. I've been following your blog for a few years and i'm always intrigued by your modernization of classic filipino dishes. It's something that I had been wanting to play with for a while.

I'm from Jersey City, NJ and I have a fairly high level of skill and technique without ever being formally trained. I have about 10 yrs experience accumulated in the nyc restaurants and held every position from waiter to maitre d' to manager mostly in 2 star japanese and italian fine dining. My knowledge base centers heavily on japanese, italian, and korean.

Either way, good luck on your book and I look forward to checking it out!

PS - There's a large Filipino community in my area (there's a flip grocery store, a Max's, and a Red Ribbon all within a block from my house) plus I'm in nyc on a daily basis so any ingredient you throw at me is readily available... just don't throw ALL the expensive stuff at me please!

I'd love to be tester too. The only Filipino dish I can cook is chicken adobo. Although I've made lumpia a couple of times and they were pretty good. I almost always cook with a recipe and I like simple easy recipes. My daughters are pretty picky eaters, but my chicken adobo is one of their favorite dishes.

I'm filipino-american, born in NY, now living in the Seattle area. I'm married to a Caucasian, but when we were first dating, we lived in LA and we used to go to this place called the Jeepney Grill. It was so good and to date my fave Filipino restaurant. Too bad it closed several years ago.

Hi! I'm full-Filipina and live Northwest FL...I'm good with savory recipes (mainly stews and soups) but a disaster when it comes to desserts. Don't get me started on why I fail at making pancit; I always need my mother's help when it comes to that D:

I'm a longtime lurker of the site! I can't wait for the cookbook; it will probably help me out tons when I move out!

I would like to be a tester. I am Chinese and Filipino. I have gotten better at cooking and can make up my own recipes. I do a lot of reading from blogs and cook books to get ideas. I think my cooking level is above average. I am always learning. I was born in Philippines and I've been in the US since 1986 and I am 38 years old. I live outside Chicago. Thanks.

I would love to test a few recipes! First-generation Fil-Am in Denver, CO. Started cooking Filipino food basics (pancit, adobo, beef steak, lumpia) in the last 2 years and would be thrilled to try out some new pinoy dishes! Thanks!

Would love to test out your recipes! I've tried your pinakbet and cascarone recipies already and love them.

I'm a pretty good amateur cook from Corona, CA :)

Hi there! I cannot wait for your book to come out! I would love to be a part of it. I have been cooking for years. It is one of my passions and I consider myself very good at it. I have only cooked for my family and friends, but I would be honored to be a part of something like this. I cook foods from all around the world and I would try to cook anything from the sweet and savory, although sweet stuff isn't my forte. Not afraid at all to try new things. And I have very close Filipino friends who I cook for and who have inspired me and following your blog has made me really interested in making Filipino food. I make pancit, adobo, menudo, arroz caldo, tinola, bibinka, and all the core Filipino dishes. And I would love to expand my horizons. By the way I am from the midwest area.

I want to be part of it. I'm from the Philippines but been here in Jeddah, KSA for about six months. I'm a food and travel blogger but I won't blog about it until necessary. PROMISE! ;-)

Hello! I would LOVE to be a recipe tester!!!!
I live in Melbourne, Australia, half Filipino half Australian but raised in Australia. I am a slightly above average cook, and cook food from many cultures, including Filipino food. I also have 2 little girls, 2.5 yo & 4.5 yo, so could give you their opinions too :)

I'd love to be a recipe tester! I usually cook pacham (pachamba-chamba) :)I'm from Manila, Philippines.

Hello, I'm from Florida and everywhere else (military brat) of Puerto Rican descent living in the state of WA, and married to a Filipino American. My skill level of is "learned everything from my mama". My pancit, adobo and sinigang can use some improvement, and my lumpia wrapping skills are wack! Maybe your recipes will help me out!


I'm a Filipino currently living in Jersey City. I am very interested in testing some of your recipes. I'm a decent, self-taught cook and have been trying to come up with my version of Filipino classic dishes. I've tried your chicken adobo and would say it's very close to mine :-)

Hope to hear from you soon...

Marvin,would love to help you, if it's just 2 recipes. Let me know. But, do you allow fellow food bloggers...are we qualified? If so, let me know what I can do for you. Always glad to lend a hand to a kababayan. Happy Holidays!

Count me in, Marvin! You helped me with my San Diego CityBeat article on Filipino food some time back, so I'm glad to return the favor.

Thankfully, I've got the next two weeks off from work. I'm a moderately skilled home cook, but I had a baby in May, so I haven't had as much time to cook as I did before. Anyway, I'm ready to head back in and testing your recipes sounds like a fun way to do so.

Wow, I'd love to help! I am a Filipina working mom of a 2 year old mestizo. I have been wanting to introduce my son to more of my culture but it's tough when I'm balancing a job and I'm no longer fluent in Tagalog (moved to the states when I was 2).

I am an expert home cook and cooking enthusiast. I've attended the week long boot camp cooking class @ CIA in Hyde Park and consider cooking my hobby before my son was born. I love the whole cooking process from menu planning, shopping, prepping, cooking to plating.

Alas, these days it's not as extravagant as before :(

Best wishes! Can't wait.

I am a decent cook. I dabble in my spare time and would love to learn more Filipino cooking. I moved away from my parents and my ma and pa have only taught me the basics, adobo, lumpia, pancit, palabok, etc. I would love to try some recipes and can give you honest feedback.

I look forward to trying out some new cookware I received for Christmas

I love anything Pinoy. Been following your blog since its inception. Would love to try my hands on your recipes. I was secretly hoping you'd cook 'em up and I'd taste 'em up. Oh well.
But really! I'd love to help you. I'm one state north of you.

Awesome! Congrats on the book! I would definitely love to be a recipe tester!!

I'm a first generation Filipino-Canadian living in Vancouver BC (Canada). I'm relatively inexperienced but not useless in the kitchen. In other words, when I'm motivated to cook, I can cook using cookbooks but can't improvise. This is about to change though: we're expecting our first baby this May, so I definitely would love to regularly cook a wide variety of filipino meals for my family the way my Lola did for us when we were growing up. Mmmm, memories of kare kare with bagoong!!!

I would like to be a recipe tester for your cookbook. Im in san jose, ca. My cooking level is intermediate, I suppose.

I'd be happy to help out. Long-time follower on your blog, never commented. I'm a Filipino-Amercan in Raleigh, NC with decent amateur cooking skills and can make many Filipino standards. Looking forward to kicking it up with your fresh ideas. Already got your cookbook on my Christmas wish list for next year!

I would LOVE to test-drive a couple of your recipes!! I'm in Seattle, am a decent cook, can follow directions and while my Filipino grandpa (and awesome cook that never wrote down a recipe, darn him) is long past, I have both a distant recollection of what the cuisine tastes like and a strong desire to learn. I've been looking forward to your book since you announced it.

Pleeeease let me help!

P.s. the hippopotamus adobo looks delish! ;)

I'd love to be a tester!
I have vocational training in culinary arts,and really enjoy just about any food possible.

My current location happens to be in Paranaque, Philippines.(I'm visiting my beautiful wife) however, I'll be back in the U.S. (New Jersey) on December 26th. The time isn't a factor for me, I'm willing to squeeze in a few recipes. :)

I'd love to help! I'm from the Chicago suburbs and love to cook. No formal training. I'm also gluten free, so if you have anything that needs to be tested that's gluten free, I'm your girl! I really enjoy Filipino food, have had friends over the years who could cook it really well. Always wanted to learn to cook it myself, so this is a great opportunity.

congratulations on your forthcoming book!
I would love to be a tester for you. i am from minnesota. i am american married to a filipino. i cook some filipino foods and love your blog. a would rate myself as a good cook not professionally trained. i enjoy filipino foods as well as many others. i read a lot of cookbooks and like trying new things. i would be honored to test your recipes.

Me! I'm a big fan and a decent cook, with a Pampanga background. And methinks we even frequent the same Seafood City, how's that for proximity?

LA area. Not a remarkable cook but can do the basics and follow a recipe. Once made a filipino dish for a potluck, so definitely have an interest in trying my hand at more.

Greetings from Canberra, Australia. I'm a precise cook who enjoys using quality produce. I'd love to test a few of your new recipes!

Hello! I'm a quarter Filipino (look as white as can be) and unfortunately did not inherit much in the way of culture other than a taste for and interest in the food. (Grandparents married when interracial marriage was still illegal in California; dad born when it wasn't cool to be brown or know another language.) Thank you for being a source that helps me to connect to my heritage!!! ♥

I would also like to help test recipes. I reside in the city of Upland (about 40min. drive from downtown Los Angeles)and would say that my cooking level is intermediate. :)

I would love to have the oppourtunity to be a recipe tester! I l currently reside in Riverside, CA, my husband is Filipino and I'm quite experienced in the kitchen. I love to cook slow foods and some of my favorite dishes to make are arroz con pollo, Coq au vin, and pinto beans (seriously, one of my favorite comfort foods to cook). I tend to cook a mixture of Hispanic, Asian, and French style cuisine. My husband will eat anything I cook and I would be greatful for the opportunity to add more Filipino dishes to my cooking repertoire beyond chicken adobo.

I'm from LA, and an intermediate cook... but I've never made any Filipino food before, so I'm looking forward to testing some of your recipes out! :D

Hi! Glad to have stumbled upon this post! I am a photographer originally from San Francisco but now is based in Manila. I occasionally shoot food for magazines here and since then have been very interested in cooking. I would say that I'm in between beginner/intermediate for my cooking level.

I hope to hear from you!

I'm an above average cook with experience cooking all different types of Asian foods. Would love to try some of your recipes. I live in southeastern Massachusetts

Please add me to the list! I'm a beginner/intermediate cook from Toronto. My kids love Vietnamese food, thanks to their mom, so it's my turn to introduce them to Filipino cuisine, with your help of course!

I would love to help! I am a cooking instructor at a small midwest cooking school and a Filipina to boot. I can represent the midwestern (Ohio-Michigan) area.

Would love to test and help! From makati Philippines and am a medium level cook


Me, PLEASE! and Thank you!
I'm originally from California but currently reside in Georgia. My skill-level in cooking is intermediate. :/

Love your blog. My fiance and I are stoked about trying out some new recipes from your cookbook. We live in Milwaukee - he is a professional chef and I'm a home cook, so we have a range of skills. :) Nonetheless, we are passionate about Filipino food and look forward to hearing from you! Thanks!

hi Marvin
I'm interested in being a recipe tester for your book!
My cooking skill level is intermediate. I'm a longtime reader and I'm so excited about your cookbook! I'm a 2nd gen Filipina American from San Diego.

I would be willing to give a few of them a try. I'm an intermediate cook from Seattle that likes to try new things. Being half Filipino I've recently have been trying to learn how to make some of the classic Filipino dishes.

I'd be honored to try out your recipes. I'm in Raleigh, NC and I'd say I'm between intermediate to advance level in cooking.

Greetings! I'd love to test out some of your recipes. My cooking skill level is intermediate/advanced. I'm a 2nd gen Pinay, residing in the IE (Riverside area).

I would like to be a recipe tester as well! I am from Los Angeles, CA, and am a beginner cook that is recently married with a child on the way. I would love to help out in any way!

I'd love to be a tester. I'm an experienced home cook in Northern Virginia. I have very little experience cooking Filipino food, but my mother-in-law is Filipino, so I'm enjoying the experience I'm gaining eating it.

I would love to be a tester. I have never cooked Filipino but I often cook all sorts of Asian recipes. I live in France but am from California.

I now live in a Dallas suburb, originally from all over (a former Navy brat). A full fledged Filipina that can cook with instruction. I won't say I'm an advanced culinary expert, but I am a quick study and willing to give it a shot. I miss my mom's cooking terribly and try to replicate as much as I can. I would love to try out your recipes so consider a girl in the southern, middle of the U.S. without many places to go and eat some down home Filipino cooking!

ooh, I'd love to be a tester! I live in Minnesota at the moment; I'd say I'm a pretty experienced home cook (rarely do I meet a recipe that scares me...I love a good challenge!) and I love Filipino food (got into it when I lived in Manila for a while for work).

Hi Marvin! I'm interested in being a recipe tester. I'm a FilAm weekend cook living in NYC trying to introduce my family to Filipino cuisine.

I'd love to be a tester! Especially for Filipino food! I'm half and my husband is not, but he does love Filipino food (the few dishes I can make). I'm from Hawaii, so I definitely have access to ingredients. I'm not an excellent chef but I know my way around a kitchen and can follow directions. :)

I can also keep my mouth shut, when needed!

My boyfriend and I would love to test your recipes! He's a Filipino dating an American girl, and both of us love to cook. I'd say we're both intermediate. :)

However, he hasn't introduced me to any Filipino food besides lumpia even after several years of dating. He thinks I can't handle it. I'd love to prove him wrong by cooking some myself!

Long Island girl, closer to NYC than to Montauk.

Hey there! I'm from Atlanta. I am half filipino (father is American) and I enjoy occassionally eating and making filipino recipes. I am more than a novice but not quite intermediate level of a cook, I think. I am definitely a foodie. But am trying to cook more at home. Send me your recipes, I'd love to try them out!

Congrats on the new cookbook! I am a half-Filipino living in Toronto, Canada, and all Asian ingredients are easily accessed here... but I've only learned how to make pancit. :) I'm an intermediate level cook and more advanced baker. Would love the opportunity to help you out in any way possible!

Yay new adventures! Congrats on your book. And yay new food for me.
I am a mixed race American who has just found her passion for cooking in the last couple of years. I try and cook a couple times a week (my busy schedule keeps me from doing it anymore) and I love to feed my friends.
I would love to try out a couple of your recipes and share them with my friends. We have dinners once a week where we gather and cook for each other. Hope to hear from you!

Glad to help if I can. I live in a Dallas suburb, and friends tell me I'm an advanced cook. I'm a Filipino who grew up in the Chicago area and married an Irish/German midwesterner. I frequently cook Filipino, Korean, Spanish, Tex-Mex, German, Italian, and French cuisine.

Best of luck to you!

I would love to paticipate. I'm Korean and the only filipino dish I know how to make is lumpia.

I would love to test an easy chicken recipe that an American would eat. I am an intermediate cook but not much time these days to cook.
I was born in Manila but grew up in the mostly in the suburbs of NJ. My husband is American and he loves filipino food.
I've been following your blog for years. Congrats on the book!

Please send me a few recipes to try out! I am a serious amateur cook living in the Napa Valley. I have a fair amount of experience cooking asian cuisines and ready access to out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. As a small-town pediatrician, I'm always interested in cuisines and recipes that will interest families with young children looking for something new and different.

I'm glad you're doing this. Was a prep cook in a previous life & can make pinoy dishes from simple to elaborate. Would be glad to help in any way!

Count me in! :) I would love to help Marvin! So happy that you are coming out with a cookbook and sending the Filipino message of delicious food out into the world :) I'm sure you will make many a convert! I'm from Manila and my skill level would be like Tracey...good but nothing pyrotechnic!

One of your fans, for years now, though I may not be obvious! A self-declared "cook"... been doing that even before I came to know of your blog :-)... a Filipina living in Saudi Arabia for quite sometime now... would love to be one of your testers, would love to see you publish that book, and would lovey-dovey buy it!! Let me know more...

I'd love to be a recipe tester! I am a filipina living in Alaska. My skill level is very low when it comes to cooking. I'm more of a baker. I'm willing to try your recipes and see if it comes out the way it's supposed to! Congrats on your cookbook!

Congrats on your upcoming book! I'm looking forward to it :) I'd love to test a couple of your recipes and bring them to the Christmas Eve potluck at my Tita's. I'm from Washington, DC and I write a vegetarian food blog. I'm pretty good as a cook, but still can't figure out how to make my comfort foods veg-friendly.

Oh hell yeah! I'm a recent convert to Filipino cuisine, but I've literally never had a bad recipe from this site, and your chicken adobo is one of my go-to recipes now.

I'm a retired professional cook (i.e. it paid the rent in college) in the Boston area, with a well-stocked oriental grocery nearby (although they seemed to have stopped carrying frozen bangus right after I tried the bangus sisig, boo hiss).

Hi: I would be happy to test two recipes. I'm Fil-Am and living in Los Angeles. My skill level as a cook: 7/8 out of 10, I suppose. I didn't grow up eating great Filipino cooking -- unfortunately, my parents are not very good cooks. Maybe I can give them this cookbook when it comes out! :)

Canadian former restaurant owner who has family living in the philippines - I've been cooking for over a decade and have access to well stocked oriental grocery stores. I'd love to help out.

If you do not have enough testers yet, please count me in. Plano,Texas Pampangueno here.

Fil-Am, living in Chicago. Skill level as a cook? I'd say 8/10. Grew up eating and cooking Filipino food. I'm so excited to see how your cookbook turns out!

These comments are in and of themselves a great read.

SoCal suburbanite. Entertainment industry professional who dines out more than eats in mainly because of work & travel. True school Lakers fan; failed rugby star who's been cooking since 10, mainly through watching TV cooking shows. Likely a better eater than cook but, super supportive of this site, your past endeavors, your cookbook and in general, all quality Pinoy enterprise.

I'm 1/2 Filipina living in Philadelphia. I'm an intermediate cook and I'd love to help!

Hey Marvin,

I'm down to help bro. I can handle most filipino dishes from baking, stews, grilled etc. Let me know how I can help.

Santa Barbara. Skilled/adventurous cook (to give you an idea of my dedication, I own a la caja china roaster and immersion circulator). I'm Filipino and love cooking all kinds of food.

Montreal intermediate cook here! My fiance is Filipino, I love Filipino food and trying new recipes and would be more than happy to test stuff for you :)

I would love to be a recipe tester. I have been looking for a decent Filipino cookbook for a while, and would love to check out what you have in store. :)

I live in Huntington Beach, Skilled level cook, can handle almost anything except major frying dishes.

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