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November 15, 2011


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Yum! what a fabulous idea. I love empanadas and this is a great take on a traditional recipe. Will have to give it a whirl when time permits :).

What? No "tanglad turkey"?! It goes well with crispy pork shoulder :P

I love this portable Thanksgiving! I hope my empanadas come out half as good! While I'm not totally crazy about turkey, I do remember being sad one year when we had a ham instead! I guess after having turkey so long, you miss it!

What a great recipe!! Found you via Twitter and #Pullupachair.

No disrespect to Mr. Gobble-Gobble but I'll take Mr. Oink-Oink on the Thanksgiving table any day. More skin ;)

Anyhow, such an awesome Fil-Am twist on the classic -- love the addition of the cranberries and sweet potatoes.

Love this idea!

Wow -soo glad I found this blog. My husband is Filipino so I try and make a Filipino dish atleast once a week. I think it's especially important for our kids. Momma Sita has made a fourtune off of me -it's time to try some new things! Thanks for a GREAT site!!!

Love it! I've never looked forward to wrestling a big-ass bird into the oven for hours on end, only to have something dry (that's where the gravy comes in). You know what they say: a bird in the hand (i.e. turkey empanada) is worth 16-lbs in the oven. Or something like that.

This is a fun and tasty Pinoy take on an American classic! 8-D

Wow! It looks like the old style empanada but the taste sounds different to me.


Sarap! I can't wait to make these. I'd take an empanada over an ipad any day.

I want to try cooking empanada, With the recipe you've shared it would be possible now.


Hello ~ I have chosen your blog to receive this award! If you have already received it, no big deal. Have a Great Day!http://junemoon.wordpress.com/2011/11/26/first-ever-super-duper-cool-blogging-award-2/

The empanadas look great.

Love your blog!! Great recipes. I'm off to try your adobo recipe right now.

Wow, this looks really good. I need to try it out some time this or next week!

Thank you!

I LOVE this idea. I remember an ex of mine who loved Filipino empanadas used to say that they were like Thanksgiving hot pockets, I guess he wasn't alone! I'm sad I have to wait almost a year to show this recipe off.

I also love your blog, it's authentic but easy to relate to as a Fil-Am. I'm just starting a blog myself and have yours linked. =)

nice post thanks 4 this post

Hmm. yummy recipe. I totally loved it. Its look delicious above picture.

Sarap naman nito! *and the drooling sets :D

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