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October 25, 2011


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mmm. makeshift pares stalls in makati sell this too. tasty tasty stuff.

Wow!! I don't think I'm brave enough to try this!!!

It's not my favorite - a bit too gamey - but my husband loves the combination of bitterness and spiciness from the macerated chilis. As for cooking it - I can make a decent dinuguan but haven't managed to graduate to papaitan. I'll just have to buck up and do it!

My Dad taught me a "safe" version using calamansi skins, we saved the juice for toyomansi and dumped the skins into the simmering papaitan. It works pretty well but not on the same level as bile.

I love papaitan, I think I was destined to love it haha. I come from the north where Papaitan is a staple during fiestas.
I can't believe they sell frozen bile here. I've never seen it before in Socal, now that I'm in STL, I don't think they well it over here. But I will check.
Your bowl of papaitan looks exactly how i recall the last bowl of papaitan I've eaten in years.


My mom makes something similar. Great recipe.

I was brought up on this stuff, so I can't help but love it! But since I am the only one in my house who will touch this stuff, I have to wait until I'm around my family to have some, then I usually bring some with me to freeze and enjoy later.

Your pinapaitan looks delicious! Nevermind the gross descriptions. lol!

yummy this looks fabulous

I too grew up eating this...until I got old and realized what I was eating. I know my mom once used ampalaya leaves to bitterize the dish but I know it's not the same. I can't get myself to eat this anymore : ) I did love it though.

Thanks fred, tasty indeed.

Just close your eyes and give it a try Marguerite! It's better than you think:)

Buck up, Tracey! If you can eat blood, bile isn't too far off.

I've never heard of that "safe" version, Mike. But I like the idea of using calamansi skins!

Hi Malou! Yes, they've got frozen bile at 99 ranch and smaller Pinoy markets as well. Not hard to find at all here.

Thanks Joy.

Thanks JMom. I'm the only one who eats it too, but that only means more for me!

Thanks torview.

Hi Susan. If you ate it once, you can eat it again;)

I love my mom's tripe soup and even my hubby is a convert. But err...I don't know about bile, that's a little much. Having said that, I think I'm going to have to look for papait seasoning at the store just because.

I remember having this as a kid... it makes you strong. :P

My dad's from Binmaley, Pngasinan and when I was young, whenever we went there for fiestas, papaitan was always the star. GOAT PAPAITAN. I never liked it because my uncles would scare me that it has goat poopoo in it. Hehe.

It was only last summer when I ate papaitan, in some roadside eatery in Baler, Aurora. In fairness, masarap pala. rice + papaitan + bulanglang SARAP! =)

That looks good, I love spicy goat papaitan. In bulacan they cook it with murang dahon ng sampalok and that was my favorite.


Hey Pat! Do take a look for bile at the Asian grocer, though I don't expect you to take any home:)

I believe it Row! I feel like I could lift a car after eating papaitan!

Hi iya. Probably not goat poo, but bile is close:)

Thanks Alvin, sounds like a cross with sinigang and papaitan.

Being Ilocano, I grew up with people who love papaitan. I have never tasted it (although you convinced me that I should) but whenever I see my Dad and Mama eat it, I can see they love it to bits (no pun intended) ;)

I got several years worth of stroke eating papaitan in roadside canteens in college. We used to eat outside the school gates because the concessionaire prices were expensive. I remember dipping a metal spoon in one bowl in December, only to find the white grease congealed.

Here in the Philippines, beef bile is sold piecemeal in small plastic bags (those things used to make ice candy). I remember my father and his cohorts prepare meals which started with goat murder. :)

One of the must try filipino food food is papapaitan... And dinuguan also.

Wasp dudes! Awesome stuff keep it up.

Interesting information I haven’t been through such information in a long time.

I"m going to try your recipe soon and I'll let you know how it turns out. Many thanks for posting the recipe.

we put in tanglad (lemongrass) to cut through the meaty aroma of the innards. Also acts as a souring agent.

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