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September 14, 2011


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Oh my goodness, this Kaldereta looks so yummy! I can just imagine the flavors on a mound of white steamed rice! Delish!

So *sosyal*! I want some right now... It would be such a shame if you were never to make one of 'the best calderetas [you've] enjoyed' again. We'll just have to pool together to keep you well-stocked in foie gras! 8-)

Oh man, how do you come up with this stuff? Bravo! I wish I could taste it! Hope the family is well :)

I can only imagine the depth of these flavors!

wow. what a great post. i wish i could taste it too! :)

That looks so so good.

Haha! You can definitely serve this foie gras caldereta in a fancy pansy restaurant. It will definitely put Filipino cuisine on a par with French cuisine. =)

Now I'll have to undertake a search for some local foie gras, which will hopefully be a little more economical. Love short ribs, too. Inspired combo. Props to the chef...

This is so meaty! I like the caldereta version of goat meat and served with steamed white rice. I love your photos Marvin. Well done! :)

that looks delicious! I love beef caldereta with a bit of kick from being spicy! perfect with steaming hot rice and an ice cold drink!

Yum! Or actually, double yum!! That sounds so good. Did you give baby lumpia a taste? :)

Hi Elizabeth. It's definitely great with steamed rice.

Hey there Tracey! I wouldn't object to gifts of foie gras;P

Thanks Krizia. The fam is doing very well:)

Belinda, there is definitely a lot of different flavors going on in this caldereta--all good!

Thanks joy.

That's the beauty of Filipino food Sheila! It can be homey, or fancy.

Thanks steve. You can buy canned foie from dartagnan.com

I love goat meat caldereta also Karen.

You can definitely kick this caldereta up with more chili flakes if you like MrsLavendula.

Hey Bagito. I did give baby lumpia a taste, though it wasn't really to his liking.

Goodness! That sounds divine and yes you go with the experimentation no matter who is shocked! :) I think our kaldereta deserves some swankifying! ;)

Swankifying! I like that! thanks joey!

I've used foie gras for caldereta AND adobo since i can remember. If you've never had liver in your adobo, it's a version that's made in Cavite and Bulacan that'sa lttle more oily than traditional.
Can't stand using tomato paste for anything tomato-based. It tastes too much like Pizza Hut pizza sauce.

Hi Chito. You've always used duck liver in your calderetas and adobos? That's impressive:) And if you take the time to cook the tomato paste and brown it before adding any liquid, it does wonders.

This one looks good, I love caldareta whether it is pork, beef, chicken or duck. I am curious with the goat, someone told me that it was really taste good caldareta.


I was thinking of trying a lamb caldereta with foie gras... any thoughts on whether the combination would work? :)

It looks so very nice! And recipe seems to be easy to follow.

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