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July 25, 2011


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How wonderful that these rice varieties are available in the US, thanks to Eighth Wonder! There will be some very lucky winners indeed.

Y'know, it's funny: I learn more about artisan Filipino food products (such as salts and rice) from you in the US than here in Manila! I need to get out more... 8-P

i wanna try this rice :o

Count me in! I'm @fieldsix on the twitter.

Yum! @sheridanmarfil

I want in!!! @projectalphae

Woo! @fandomonymous

sign me up! @fredneechay

cool! @ravenwildhaber

gimme kanin!

IRRI - International Rice Research Institute was set-up in Los Banos, Laguna. The fact that the Philippines was chosen says a lot about the quality of rice we produce and the technology we had BEFORE(1960s/70s).

Our ASEAN neighbors, including thailand and vietnam, sent representatives to learn from us. Unfortunately, we are now importing rice from these countries.

Awesome...love me some rice! @koopthereitis

I want this purple rice! I got an idea of making this Purple Rice and Ube sticky rice dessert thing cooked in a bamboo tube. Hence, I NEED this rice! Lol!

Gimme tha kanin!


I've been looking for indigenous rice from the Bahay Kubo! Sign me up!

On Twitter: @CrzySxyFangrl69

Yum, rice! @ilovevultures

Yes, please. @sneakfuzz

I'd love to check out this rice! @pleasurepalate

I listened in wonder when my friend who comes from the rice-growing region told me about these other rice varieties which I've never heard of. Yes, it is indeed sad and very unfortunate that despite the fact that IRRI is situated in the Philippines, we have been relegated to a position where we are importing rice instead of exporting it. This is what corruption and mismanagement have done to the country.

This is a fantastic giveaway!

I'm @astranoir on twitter

Rice research in the Philippines is the best in Asia. Philippines creates rice varieties, other countries invariably "steal" them and sell them. Sad though that the good rice goes to other countries, and the mediocre rice goes to the general populace. Our version of rice wine is also better than sake, but we haven't been able to refine it as much because there's no cash for needed technological investments. In the future when I open a restaurant (here's hoping!) I'll be sure to source rice from Eighth Wonder.

Ah, man--I had to remember how to even Twitter to do this because I've been trying not to get caught up in more social media than I can handle. It's worth it, though! ;)


wow, i didn't realize there were so many different types of rice. i've eaten violet colored rice before but i always thought it was a food coloring. i have a bunch of filipino friends that would love to know of the eight wonder site. hope i can try this rice one day~

i'm new to twitter so i'm not sure how it works but my twitter name should be "Seada Ho" if not then here's a direct link.

I was always amazed at how much rice we imported! It's so exciting to see that there's so many heirloom "bigas" varieties! I wanna try!

Oh I'd love to make a rice salad with this! Would be perfect! Gorgeous color! @nella22 (I also tweeted!

I love rice. And that purple rice looks delicious. I can't wait to try it.

Awesome! I would like to try this rice!

Mmm, purple champorado! Hope to try it soon! @kitchconfidante

i;ve never had any of these varieties to tell you frankly. It would be wonderful if I win haha!

anything for rice! woohoo!

Gimme rice! @joeber9

I can't join but so happy to know you are spreading our rice to new audiences! :) Yay!

I'd really love to try this rice! @raindigger

Hello Marvin! You know I have not eaten purple rice since Philippines?! Reading your post made me nostalgic.

Beth, IRRI is an international research organization. Results are readily available to all participating countries and not stolen. Unfortunately, the Phil. government has no effective program (nor infrastructure) to enable small farmers to expand their business.

Please enter me in this awesome rice giveaway! @celsior

Mm, this rice sounds delicious! @operagirlcooks

I'm the Rice President. Please send me the fabulous periwinkle colored grains! @vlacuesta

how interesting! i never knew there are purple-colored rice. indeed, such an heirloom!

This sounds AMAZING! I'm sure my mom would love to try this in her recipes! @j0cey

This Filipino household loves rice, we have his and hers rice cookers! @mmestagalong

I would love to try this rice.

Love to try this! - @shortyshaly

#pinoy pride! enter me to win please! - @riceyisnicey

woohoo! just in time! following along and tweeting about burnt lumpia at @onecatperperson!

It's called pirurutong in Tagalog and used mainly for desserts like puto bumbong.

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