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June 06, 2011


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You and David = some of the best bloggers of the year, for all years. Check out his caramelized white chocolate ice cream, too. It's hella work, but it hella works. hahaha

I think I licked my screen. Oh god, need to get my hands on an ice cream maker.

I love everything salted caramel!! I need to get myself an ice cream maker, you've convinced me.

Yummy post! You and David make for great culinary inspiration. But just to nitpick, isn't turon made with nangka/jackfruit together with the saba? Though I know, it can and has been done with banana alone.

Filipino Banana split.hahaha I adore David Lebovitz recipes.

Hi Ed. I looked for the caramelized white chocolate recipe and it definitely looks like something I need to make now!

Hi Michelle. I hope your computer screen tasted good:)

Hey there Christine! An ice cream maker is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Macky, you answered your own question;)

Thanks joy. His recipes are great.

Yum! I've been scouring the internet for ideas of what to take to a July 4th gathering and this seems like the perfect ice cream to whip up as my offering. Plus, the bonus is I'll get to experiment with it in the weeks ahead to get it just right.

I have a couple of other ideas from the recipe club to which I belong, but I love a good homemade ice cream!

That's one of my favorite cookbooks! Try the oatmeal cookie . . . do Filipinos eat oatmeal? My parents did, but only now that they're older and trying to be heart healthy. Before, it was always eggs, rice, and some sort of meat (Spam, sausage, ham, etc.).

hmmmm it looks like so yummy. i like ice cream but i never tried offbeat flavors. pero baka dito mapapakain ako.

thanks for sharing!

So glad I found this site!! I don't speak Tagalog either, but I do understand words/phrases here and there. One of my NY's resolutions is to learn to cook more Filipino foods and I'm hoping this will helpme on my journey. Love your site. Keep up the good work!

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