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June 29, 2011


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I can't tell you how much this makes me want to go fishing!! It seems like you had alot of fun fishing and eating!

NICE Catches! My hubby went fishing last weekend and brought home many fish! I was happy until I had to clean the damn things! I never did it before and cut myself many many times! haha

I feel like removing the cobwebs from my fishing rods and going out to the sea again.

Bad idea reading this post at 2AM. It's making me awesome. I love seafood and having it fresh is just awesome. And the prospect of that kinilaw is making me drool. I love sashimi and kinilaw!

Looking forward to your kinilaw post! My hubby's dad has a killer family kinilaw recipe they refuse to give me.

omg I'm drooling! My uncle used to bring us abalone like that when I was growing up, we always ate it with shoyu and lemon. Looks like an amazing fishing trip!

The steamed fish made me salivate; the dungeness crab made my stomach growl. It's nearly midnight and I wish I had a dinner worthy of the feast you shared.
I don't think I have ever seen red abalone, interesting looking shell, it looked like coral. Or I've been mistaking coral for abalone (darn!).

Hey Jason. It definitely was a lot of fun. I need to fish more often too.

Yikes joanna. Hopefully you didn't cut yourself too badly gutting all those fish.

Do it bertN!

Nothing like fresh fish, faith:)

Hey Reese! Hopefully your father-in-law will share his recipe with you one of these days.

Abalone with shoyu and lemon is killer, foodhoe!

Hey there Mila! Yeah, I'd never seen red abalone either. It's shell is really cool, and it looks like old brick when it's all dried out.

Awesome post! I was really excited to see freshly caught red abalone (wild nonetheless!) - I've actually never seen one before, just your standard farmed fare in random restaurants I've worked in. So here's the question? What did you do with the shell?

Nice photos. That crab loks deliciouse. Well done!

I've never gone fishing but I do remember my dad used to do it when I was small. Some Sundays, he'd come back with no fish, just the small shrimps. I was actually more interested in the tiny shrimps and didn't really care if there's no fish as long as the shrimps are there. Just saute with ginger and salt and they're absolutely delicious.
BTW, are the dungeness the ones we call alimango back home and the blue crabs like the alimasag? That's what I've gathered from the appearance but no one (that is no one I know) seems to know the answer to this.

Those are the kind of fishing trips that get you hooked on fishing and you never get enough. Good artical makes you look for the forward to going fishing again soon.

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