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June 20, 2011


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i just had crabs for dinner! delicious!

Ah! Love this sort of meal...nothing like hunkering down with some crabs and eating with your hands :)

I read somewhere that crabs actually don't have what we know as "crab mentality" -- that in studies it was discovered that crabs actually make themselves into a "ladder" by the side of the pot or whatever is holding them so their fellows can get out :) So what we know as crab mentality is actually just human mentality!

I am amazed at how you managed to make me reflect, laugh, learn, and drool all in one post!

I love the idea of adding the beer and kalamansi for steaming. I don't stray far from the Old Bay (I'm a DCist afterall), but this is a welcome change. Can't wait to try it for the 4th!

Glad you like crab. But being from Maryland I appreciate people who don't eat the female crabs. The population is just starting to make a come back. We steam them in old bay here, but your take is interesting as well. Might have to give it a go. Thanks,

Crabs are always delicious, MrsLavendula. Thanks.

Sounds like crabs got the bad rap, joey! We humans are so petty;)

Thanks Reez, glad you enjoyed the post.

Do give it a try sheridan, it's simple and tasty.

Hi Kelly. Thanks very much for the input, I wonder how or why my market got female crabs if they are off limits to eat. I never thought of that, but I'll definitely be more conscious of choosing only male crabs.

That looks so so good. I never could eat crab right where I don't waste any.

when i honk for a crab, i go to grand sierra resort for the fleshy claws with butter and calamansi. oh lala

There are male crabs and there are female crabs. Here in the Philippines one can hear men who say "mas masarap ang bakla--ng alimango." They appear underside as the Capitol with a more pronounced spire. Ladyboys, perhaps.

I'm reading more and more of your blog and I admire your writing a lot. Your portrayal of crabs in a human context and the way you tie it back to food is brilliant. Great writing. Great post.


You are a very creative writer. Your short story is too funny & quite entertaining...you have a great recipe...I love the fresh aroma of cilantro & I grow lemon grass for some of our Thai dishes. The preparation seems simple enough. Coming from a seafood area, I love crabs & I know how to eat them.

I don't love the Crabs. Because it has been hard to eat it for me. I never it.

my mother (from katipunan, near dipolog city in zomboanga del norte, mindanao) always ate female blue crabs when i was a child. i could not seem to develop a taste for them until, in baltimore in my late teens, i had large male blues from the chesapeake bay, steamed with old bay seasoning. i have been an addict for nearly thirty years now, and i eat them slowly and thoroughly, extracting the meat from each segment of the legs till there is not even a thimblefull of meat left after half a dozen crabs. i won't bother with crabs that are under six inches across, so mine is an expensive habit.

the only caveat i would make everyone aware of, regarding eating female blues, is that in heavily harvested and/or ecologically delicate waters such as the chesapeake bay, the harvesting of females has a tremendous impact on the crabs' ability to replenish their numbers. harvesting of males, on the other hand, does not represent a significant detriment to the reproductive cycle. it is unfortunate, because so many like the sweeter flavor of the female crabs, especially among the asian and pacific islander community.

i think that i will try some steamed blue crab dipped in sinamak (spicy filipino vinegar) next time.

thanks for the hilarious video!

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