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May 23, 2011


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do i get first prize as the first commenter? :P

i love Filipino salt, it's like no other. so good with Baguio peanut brittle, roasted mani, and oh way too many things!



I want salt...

I've never had Filipino salt. I like Hawaiian Salt, so I would love to taste the difference.

i love salty on sweet things - just like salt sprinkles in choco milk, bacon in brownies, bagoong on mango. i bet this salt would be great on caramelized waffles!

Gah!! I have to find where to get these sea salts here in Manila. Otherwise, I think it's time for a visit to Pangasinan...

Thanks for introducing me to Pinoy Salt.


i wanna try this salt

It has been a very, very long time since I've had Philippine sea salt. I'd love to try it again. I remember eating salt crystals as a kid when we visited my parents' families in Pangasinan for summer vacation.

Would love to try this salt. Thanks for doing this.

I would love to try this. Sounds interesting!

i'd love to try some!

I would love some salt!

I would love to try this salt!

This would be fun to try

We love to cook, but the salt that we get doesn't do justice to the food. Would like to sample your salt plsssssssss.

Me please! I promise to use it to make a Filipino dish :-)

Our good friends are from Ilocos Norte. I would love to make a filipino dish utilizing this salt. Also, as a chef, I am obligated to sample new goods!

Oo! I don't know if I've ever noticed the salt I had when I've been in the Philippines! How exciting! I hope I win :)
Also, I tweeted (@GreenestMermaid) :)

So sad that I am a metiza and have never had salt from "home." I would love to try it.

Would love this piece of home for my future Mother-In-Law! Great giveaway!

Ooh! I would love to try it too!

Sounds great! I would love to get some so my fiance and my family could try it! :)

Mangos were on sale a few weeks ago, and I didn't have bagoong handy, so I had to settle for non-Filipino sea salt... now I wish I'd held out! Gimme some!

Would love to try this!

I'm in!

Me too :)

I make a Puerto Rican enhanced pancit by adding sazon. My pinoy husband would appreciate it if I used salt from his motherland. Or maybe surprised that I got a hold of some.

OOH! I would love to try Philippine salt. I have a huge jar of Hawai'ian salt (the closest, I guess), leftover from my time there. Also, that's where I learned Filipino food.

i'd love to win this - i just ran of salt!

Mmm... This would go perfect over ice cream...

I just started using fancy schmancy sea salts to finish my dishes at home - I'd love to try this!

I didn't know Filipinos had their own salt? I mean, go figure, they have their own version of everything! And I'm sure it makes everything taste that much better, too. Like, not just fish sauce on green mango, but patis on green mango ...and you get a free pencil.

I would love to win this so I can make my husband make me some chicken adobo.

Ooh...Filipino sea salt on green mangoes-drool!!!!!!

Thanks for always featuring great Filipino products.

I'm in. So glad to have found your blog! I've also been trying to reconnect with my Filipino heritage through food. It's nice to have an example to follow. :)

ooh would love to try this!

would love to cook with this salt!

Definitely would like to try! Sign me up!

I'm an Australian expat in the USA who just received a new box of Murray River pink salt flakes from my mother in Australia today! I'm all about salt and would love to try Philippine sea salt.

I would love to try this!

I agree that our salts rock! I've also lugged a kilo of sea salt from Ilocos (though not as long, nor as far a "lug" than yours). It's gone now but I also have a good source here in Manila where I get both Ilocano and Pangasinan salt :) So glad you are having this contest and spreading the love for our salts :)

Oh, pick me! I'd like to try it!

I've been working on reconnecting with my Pinoy heritage. What better way than with salt! :)

I love the description of the salt, and would love to try it on our fresh vegetables from our garden. I had no idea there were so many different variates of salt. What an eye opener at my age; way over the hill!!

I love this company, blogged about them too (a year or two ago). I'd love to try their salt!

I want to win this salt. It might make my Filipino dishes taste more authentic.

I love finishing salts, specially in desserts and ice cream!

I tweeted this! (nella22)

Very intrigued by sea salt, would love to try it!

Ooh! Ooh! Pick me! Pick me! (Asin I really wanna win!)

My father in law is from Illocos Norte, I think this sea salt would really enhance the recipes he's handed down to me.

I have a bag of Hawaiian sea salt from Trader Joe's that has a similar non-melty(yes, that is the technical term) crunch to the one you described. I've had it for a while, since I only use it as a finishing salt, as well. I'll bet your pink stuff tastes better, if only for the fact that it's made at home.

I would love to try this salt. My dad is from Pangasinan and I visited there a few years ago.

Oh my, I so want this ;D

would love so try some new salt!

Salt? I love salt! I'd love some free salt!

I would commit 'a-sin' to get this salt.

Salt is so much fun to experiment with! There are endless varieties!

This sounds awesome!!

I am a fan of salty food. I would love to try the philippine sea salt. I am already cooking up ideas.

I have at least fifteen gourmet topping salts in my kitchen... but nothing from the Philippines... YET.

Rub a dub dub this salt is NOT for the tub its for my beef, chicken or fish. Do I get to keep the dish?

would love to try and compare it to pink himalayan salt!

Even if I'm not drawn for this - I'm trying this stuff. It sounds like some pretty serious crack. lol

Filipino salt?? It would be soooo good on the vanilla/caramel swirl ice cream I'm planning on making :)

I live with a salt addict...my roommate loves salt...no kidding there are no less than TEN different kinds of salt in the kitchen! Bonus, she is Filipino AND Ilocano and would go NUTS for some more salt! BTW she reads your blog too.

Thanks for the opportunity!

With apologies to the Rolling Stones, Oh if you salt me up, I'll never stop.

Pinoy Pride! Yeeees. Love to try this!

My aunt and I bond over cooking Filipino food. I know she'd love to cook w/this!

Wow, I am Ilocano and I never heard of this top class type of salt from the Philippines. Give me one please~!

i love sea salt and been wanting to get hold of this philippine sea salt forever! pick me! please! :)

I would love to try the pinoy asin.

I love salt, and I love anything Filipino (including my husband, heh!)

I need this salt!

this sounds very exciting! i love philippine products, and making use different eco-friendly materials too! i would LOVE to try some of the salt!

I would love to try this sea salt!

I tweeted for you @MommyImHungry =)

i am a slat fiend! i have no less than 6 kinds of salt in my pantry and for my birthday my friends bought me a giant salt lick as a joke.

would love to try

I want one! :)

I need a fix!

I'd love to try Philippine salt out.

Looks like I made it just under the wire! Here's to hoping I win some delish Filipino salt. :-9

come on give it!

There is always a first time to try Philippines sea salt :)

Nothing like Philippine Sea Salt. Always so thrilled when I read about our very own!

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