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May 10, 2011


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Sweet! With chiffon cake so readily found, I usually opt for the easy way and just buy. But this pandan cake with coconut glaze just sounds and looks too good to pass up on trying. Thanks for sharing!

I saw this recipe this week and toyed with the idea of making it, too. Maybe not the pandan version (at 9 months pregnant, I probably wouldn't last long among all the little ol' ladies at the Seafood City), but maybe the simpler version with a coconut glaze while I wait for the baby...Anyway, looks good!

No prob Tracey! Chiffon really isn't that difficult to make yourself, you won't buy again after you have homemade.

The simpler version with the coconut glaze would be worthwhile, Lorena. And best wishes with the little one!

Chiffon cake--- one of my favorite things to have for merienda!

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