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May 17, 2011


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OMG, I laughed all the way through this post! I've no problem with pig face. At all.

You make everything look so good!

Another fun post Marvin. Glad to see that you're blogging again. Will try out this recipe at our next tagayan.

I was only introduced to sisig Reve Ty thanks to the Manila Machine :) never knew you could make it with bagnus. I'll have to give it a shot! Thanks for the inspiration.

I had bangus sisig out of a can last week. Yeah. This would be better. Yeah.

Though I love the unctuousness of pig face sisig, it is rather nice to be able to enjoy it without risking certain cardiac arrest with each bite. The egg on top just seals the deal for me!

[Apologies if this is a repeat comment.]

Mmm, I love all kinds of offal. I would love to try the pig face and the fish as well!

No problems with pig face here! I love sisig! :) But I also love bangus, and bangus sisig. I've had it in some restaurants...but now you've just made me realize, why am I not making this at home??


goodness man, you made me watch no reservations: philippines all over again. and thanks for reminding us that we can actually make bangus sisig. I usually make my sisig with pig's ears and belly if pig's face is a no-show in the asian market. how come i've never thought of making it with bangus? i think because usually in the Philippines, sisig bangus is a lame-as excuse for not being too brave for pig's face. all hail the milk fish. cheers man!

i just kind of feel bad that I didn't have the chance to savor Manila Machine. But I'll be waiting for your cookbook...

Hey there Darlene! You've got 99 problems and a pig face ain't one;)

Thanks very much belinda.

Thanks Remil. I'm glad that I've got the time now.

thanks bianca. Yes, sisig is especially good with bangus.

Sisig out of a can, elmo? Out of a can? Where did you find that? I've got to find some!

Thanks Tracey! A fried egg makes everything better.

Thanks jojo. Both versions are delicious.

Bangus sisig is fairly easy to do at home joey!

Thanks so much ziggy! Enjoy that milkfish as much as pig face, no excuses!

My girl friend has a pig face but it's from her being the typical USA female living atop the Ozark Plateau where anything less than 250 pounds overweight is locally considered emaciated.

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