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April 25, 2011


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Tinda kayo nyan sa Manila Machine?

Hey, I love your blog (and my Lolo loves your adobo hot wings!), so I thought I'd drop you a healthy hint on grilled sandwiches - you can really cut back on the butter if you melt it first (microwave's fine), then brush it onto the bread with a pastry brush. You get the same great taste and pretty browning, but use a lot less butter and don't make a mess or tear up the bread trying to spread it on.

I love it!! Can't wait to make this one at home. Maybe add some bacon for the full Elvis effect...well on second thought, maybe not. LOL

This looks so delicious! I have filipino siblings who would love this! :) Where do you buy Ube???

Fun twist to Elvis's favorite food, great post. It would be interesting to see what other nationalities come up with.

That is cool. I love your take on this.

I heart your blog. Jumped here from I cannot remember which blog now. Good job.

The Elbis? How deliciously funny. :)

I tried this at home and it is indeed very delicious! Really a twist to Elvis's favorite food. I love your blog and thank you for the post!

Not on the MM, Crispy Lechon, not on the MM.

Thanks Lisa. I'm glad your lolo approves of my wings! And great tip about the melted butter!

I thought about bacon also, Pinoy Panda, but then thought better of it:)

Hi Lindsay. You can find Halayang Ube at Filipino markets.

Thanks Sarah. I wonder the same thing.

Thanks Joy.

Thanks Ewok.

I'm glad you get the joke ilikebread!

Thanks FFR!

I love my sliced bread fried with butter, but I've yet to try the saba and ube filling. I'm so hungry right now I could eat a human. LOL

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