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April 10, 2011


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Serious Pop Tart! I always thought I loved pop tarts, that was until I ate them and they were not that tasty. These are beautiful :)

My favorite Pop Tart flavor was chocolate and I will confess having a package on hand well into adulthood, in case of unexpected PT cravings. I could totally redevelop the habit with this LAT recipe, especially with Pinoy twists - oooh, how about mango? 8-)

I love love this take on this. It makes me wish I had ube in the freezer.

Oh, I like anything with purple yam.Classic favorite flavors that remind me of my childhood in P.I.I can hardly find a real Ube here in Cali.Farmers market in Pinas carry abundance of that root crop.

ooh, wow! ube is one of my favorites and i am in love with anything purple!!!

you better put this recipe in your upcoming cookbook marvin! :)

your description alone of the buttery flaky pastry shell almost makes me want to brave the kitchen demons... sounds awesome!

I really need to try to make poptarts. homemade poptarts keep coming up in my wanderings around the internet. I should break down and do it soon, my partner adores poptarts.

I think this post just made all my wildest dreams come true.

Ube is just the tip of the iceberg!

Son: Sweet, are those poptarts for me? thanks Dad! what flavor?
Dad: Hopia!

As a fellow filipina who is searching to recover her food roots (I too am married to a non-filipino) I can't tell you how much I have laughed at your writings. I recently found fresh ube at a local asian market (sorry Cali, it's here in Toronto, Canada!) and to say I was overjoyed is a huge understatement...my eyes totally bugged out in the middle of the store when I saw them, I scrambled to fill two produce bags full! So now, I have all this fresh ube, and am looking for ideas...and now I have you! Thanks pare!

Just looking at it makes me drool. Cant wait to try this. I'm gonna get all the ingredients right away... www.vivamagonline.com Gonna try for this weekend for sure,Keep your fingers crossed... I'll share the result soon...

Just got caught up here -- and so happy for you and your new ventures! Congratulations, Marvin, and we are definitely looking forward, eagerly awaiting with bated breath, your new cookbook. . .Ah, some things are right in this world. Wish you the best!

Nice recipe! Thanks for sharing!

It's not a bad thing, but you seem to have a cyclical fascination with using Ube. Is it the adorable purpleness of it. Without the addition of sugar or a type of cream, it's pretty bland. I do love your blog.

It was always the CHOCOLATE flavor for me. ;) But, I would love ube too!

Oh my, your son HAS GROWN!!!! Last time I remembered from your blog, he was just born!!!!!

From reading the comments -- well, my sister's, specifically -- I've learned that you'll be putting out a cookbook! WOW! Congrats!!! I'll be one of the first to "Amazon" it. ;D

Yummy! I can't wait to make these this weekend.

I love Ube! My Apong Sula used to make me halaya whenever I visit her years ago. Sad to say I was not interested in cooking then; I have never asked how she made it and no one can replicate her halaya.
I can't wait to try this recipe with puff pastry that I have in the freezer. I'll let you know how they'll turn out.

INteresting! I love anything with ube! :D

IlI will try to make this pop tart for my grandchildren. I grow my own ube here in Florida. I have some more plant that I can sell/trade. Pls email me at palengke97@gmail.com.

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