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February 14, 2011


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congratulations on your 4th year and many more to come :)

keep it up brother! Congratulations!

Congrats! I love checking out the blog from time to time and experiment with recipes. Keep them coming!

Thank YOU, Marvin, for being such a passionate champion of Filipino food! Wishing you continued success for this blog and in all your endeavors, present and future. Can't wait to see what's next...! 8-)

Congratulations on meeting such a wonderful milestone!

thank YOU!

Happy blog birthday!

Thank you, BL, for writing this blog; you have a wonderful writing style. I've enjoyed so many of your stories - the memories of food and family, your take on recipes, and especially the funny descriptions of your family!

Congratulations on Burnt Lumpia's 4th Anniversary ~ I enjoy your blog, very much. Your sense of humor makes me laugh, out loud. I also appreciate your sharing about the Filipino cusine and culture.

Great job! junemoon

Happy 4th anniversary and congrats! I look forward to reading more of your adventures in Filipino cuisine. :)

Love the blog! Love the truck even more! Keep up the great work!

Look forward to four more years Marvin! You're probably the only Filipino food blogger who I enjoy reading. I commend you for educating people about our cuisine. As one who plans on opening a Filipino restaurant in the future, what you're doing means a lot to me. Keep up the great work!

Please keep writing. We'll be here!

Happy Anniversary! Keep it up! :)

Happy blog anniversary! So happy that I stumbled on your blog and gladder still that I got to meet you! You do our cuisine proud!

Staying tuned and at the edge of my seat... :)

Happy blogaversay! I adore you blog and I look foward everytime you have a new post.

I love your writing style it is very enjoyable. I am a Meztisa always looking for Filipino Food recipes. I am really excited I found your blog!

Happy Birthday! =) Wow, 4 years really is a long time, internet-wise.

Congrats! I've been following your blog, and can totally relate to your experiences. Just wanted to mention also that in the February issue of Real Simple Magazine, I was totally surprised that there was a chicken adobo recipe in there. Glad to see more Filipino Cuisine making it into mainstream magazines!

Congratulations! THat truly is a long time to be blogging. I'm glad to see Filipino food has been getting more exposure since then too!

Congratulations! Four years is a fine accomplishment! Thank you for paving the way for a thoughtful discussion about Pinoy life and food in the interweb. I hope to meet you and enjoy your food soon!

CONGRATULATIONS! wishing you many more blogging years to come.

Hi Marvin - Happy 4 Year Blogaversary! Burnt Lumpia is one of my fave blogs and I'm really happy to see you enjoy your success! Thanks for representing Filipino food in a positive light and educating others about the cuisine. I also love how you mix it up and make your recipes truly unique. CONGRATS!!!!!!

Yeehaw, congrats and thanks for all your writing! Wishing you more bloggy years to come.

Happy 4th Blog-iversary to Burnt Lumpia! I will continue to look forward to your posts, and I can't wait to track down the Manila Machine one of these days...

4 years already?!?! Congrats, Marvin!! Looking forward to more filipino recipes and joining you on your unending quest for your "pinoy-ness". Also, many thanks for playing a big part in making filipino food go mainstream via The Manila Machine. I wish you more success and blessings with BL and The Manila Machine.

Happy 4th year to anniversary. Your blog is really really great. I love Filipino foods. That chicken soup is very delicious. Thanks burnt lumpia.

Congratulations for making it for four years! I hope to see more of your entries and get to learn more from them.

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