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January 10, 2011


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I think my favorite asian ingredient is Calamansi. The Filipino citrus. There is no clear substitute, "kinda tastes like. . ." doesn't cut it for me. I am not sure if any other Asian country uses it, now that I think about it. I can't imagine that it's too well known. Nothing like it!

I love all sorts of Asian ingredients from fish sauce to natto, but more than that I love learning about what I haven't tried yet.

Cool idea for an app - coconut (more specifically coconut milk) is my jam, since it can go both savory (laing, adobo) or sweet (every pinoy dessert, basically).

In other news, glad to see you still posting! Hope the Machine's going well-

Mine has to be ube.

I ♥ coconut milk! mmmmmmm (drool)

Wonderful giveaway. My favorite would be wasabi.

It's so hard to choose just one! I've been all about fresh coconut lately but if I had to get down to the most basic, then I have to give it to RICE. Yes, many will argue that it's not solely Asian but after moving back to Manila, my rice experience has greatly expanded as I learn more about how this marvelous foodstuff is used for everything from condiment (buro) to main (paella valenciana) to dessert (biko!) and so much more in between. Then there are all the varieties...Is there an app for that?

Just one favourite? Hmm... macapuno is usually at the top of my list, but so is patis :)

my favorite asian ingredient is ginger!

make mine fish sauce.

Mine would have to be lemongrass - so very useful and aromatic.

The one ingredient, I think, that identifies Asian cooking and is pretty much a staple ingredient in almost all Asian recipes is soy sauce!!!

Bagoong alamang (rocks in kare-kare).

Since someone else has already nominated rice, then I would have nominate soy sauce! Kikkoman original soy sauce and kecap manis are my most used soy sauces, though I also have tamari and dark soy sauce when I need an extra flavour boost.

Fish Sauce. I love it in everything from hamburgers to pasta sauce.

jasmine rice. or spam :)

ok, this is admitting the deep dark truth. . .I love MSG! (haven't had it in the spice shelf since I was a kid), wouldn't dream of buying it as an adult, but I loved that junk more than salt. otherwise, Bagoong baby!

Maggi seasoning is a favorite for me.

Have to go with Rice. You can have it at any meal; it can be savory or sweet; it kicks butt when partnered with everything from kare-kare to ice cream! Rice is the ultimate asian ingredient!

Fish sauce! I'm a Fil-Am married to a Viet guy so you know we've always got a bottle in the house. Since I tend to make more Vietnamese than Filipino food these days, the beloved Rufina patis of my childhood has been replaced by Viet Huong nuoc mam.

current fave would have to be sriracha! even adds a nice kick to adobo (sacrilege I know...)


I love it in stir fry's, fried rice, arroz caldo and just about on anything. It adds such a mild kick like no other!

Garlic- although it's an international ingredient. Can't think of my favorite food without it-chicken adobo, fried rice, pancit canton! Buko and juicy, sweet mangos are my favs on sweet dishes !

Free?!? Fuck that! I'm buying it right now! Awesome apps and awesome app authors deserve to be awarded.

I agree with Linda that calamansi is awesome. I just came across it for the first time (just as juice) and it blew my mind. But garlic is my staple cooking pretty much any cuisine, east or west.

P.S. I can't wait to hunt down your truck next time I'm in SoCal.

Sinamak (spiced coconut vinegar) local to the province of Iloilo in the Philippines

Since I'm a condiment queen, it would probably come down to simple ol' soy sauce. My husband makes some mean Chinese food while I use it for everything Filipino. And, I'll admit, white rice isn't the same without it!

Fish Sauce. UMAMI in a bottle!!

Soy sauce! Soy sauce enhances the flavor on almost anything.


oo tough choice. there's so many. i'll say fish sauce!

Calamansi, definitely. But around here, you have to grow your own if you want fresh calamansi! My potted tree, Chloe, is hanging in there. How is Kal? ; )

asian ingredient? of course it would be soy sauce :D

That is so cool. My favorite has to be patis. I use it in almost everything.

It's gotta be Patis! Fish Sauce adds to dishes like no other ingredient!

It's taba ng talangka!

I just came across your blog after visiting the Philippines! I am so excited to follow your food truck and try your food!

Ginger happens to be my favorite ingredient; the sweet, bitter distinct taste adds real excitement to a dish! Fresh is the only way to go when a recipe calls for ginger :)

Saging na Saba (Philippine Plantains) would have to be mine...

patis!! lends everything that filipino je ne sais quoi...

Low-sodium soy sauce for me!

Wow! Watched you on a TV program here in the Philippines. They featured your blog. :)

Adobo! :)

patis! :) heeheehee.

Favorite asian ingredient: soy sauce

Fish Sauce makes everything better, but I have to say my FAVE, the one I grab whenever I can find it, is Galangal. MMMMM

lime leaves! I just wish they were easier to find!

My favorite is the little dried shrimp. I love to eat them as is, as well as in my mom's yummy papaya salad! YUMMY!

This app looks like a fantastic idea as I get really confused when shopping for Asian ingredients. I have lots and lots of favourites. My latest is a Phillipino coconut wine vinegar. It is very tasty and super hot. The lady in the shop recommended it to me and explained how it is collected and prepared.

One of my favorite Asian ingredients is Maggi sauce! As a kid, I loved using it as a dip for fried chicken and pork chops and because of that, it holds a special place in my heart.

gosh....i can't decide between coconut vinegar which is a favorite dipping sauce since childhood and lemongrass with its "clean" and refreshing flavor that always elevate my mood whenever i have it. whether its in my soup, marinade or as a refreshment...

mine is fish sauce

Every family should have at least one Asian robot grandma.

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