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January 17, 2011


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congratulations! it is about time that you should be featured in filipino programs here in our country.

one down and more to go.

I actually got to watch it when it aired on Saturday on GMA! My ability to listen to tagalog is much better than my ability to actually speak it, so I can assure you that only the nicest things were said about you. It was great to see the faces behind the blogs!

(P.S. Gotta love Jessica Soho's narrative delivery!)

Love it! Congratulations to all and keep rocking the food blogging world...whether Tagalog-speaking or not ;)

that's awesome! congrats. so glad all your hard work is seen all over the world on tv!

can you please drive that Manila Machine all the way to Canada, please and thank you :)

Hi Marvin,
I agree with Lala. Please drive your Manila Machine all the way to Canada and on to Manila. I can assure you that you'll be more than inundated. :p

Consider me a fan.

. . when I saw last Saturday the show,, that was the first time i heard about food blogging. . i was curious with that 'job',, (shall i say that way) honestly, i really like foods. .

Thanks for posting, I enjoyed watching it! Congratulations to you and the other food bloggers featured! :)

Congratulations! she said that although you haven't been to the Philippines yet (which surprised me) your parents has instilled in you the love of Pinoy food...Manila Machine-a mobile restaurant is your brainchild and all due to your great affection for pinoy food (something to that effect). Anyway, yes...those were all praises!

Congrats Marvin!!!!!! You're one of my fave Pinoy bloggers!

I wasn't able to watch this episode but I'm equally glad to have seen a feature of The Manila Machine in a news segment of a rival network - TV Patrol. Congrats to your awesomeness!

Congratulations on the feature! I've always believed that you are doing a great service to our cuisine by bringing it to a wider audience and showing the world how good it can be :) Bravo to you Marvin...keep doing what you are doing!! And I also throw in my vote for you to drive that Manila Machine of yours over here! :)

Oh wow. I am a great fan of Kapuso Mo and I congratulate you for landing a feature spot on it along with the best of the best Market Man. I wish one day I'd get that once in a lifetime chance too. :)

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