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December 06, 2010


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I've been known to throw chicharon in with my sinigang na baboy (my preferred protein for sinigang)... this sounds like good consolidation... if only I had more occassion to find myself with a ridiculous amount of leftover lechon.

Mmmm sarap sarap <3 I love all your entries. Makes me miss my father's cooking.

i absolutely love filipino food so i am so happy to have found your blog! thank you~

My husband would love this. Any different ways of using roasted pig, he is all for it.

The first time I tried this was at a dinner given by a famous local food stylist here and I was smitten! It's an fantastic way to use leftover lechon! Better than paksiw in my book :)

Speaking of sinigang veggies...our fave is mustard greens (mustasa). Really good with sinigang! :)

I WISH I had a roasted pig carcass just lying around! Lechon paksiw is my hands-down favorite way of having the leftovers but you don't have to twist my arm to have a big bowlful of this sinigang instead.

Hey Arvin, thanks for stopping by! Chicharon in sinigang sounds awesome too!

Thank you Monica.

Thanks KC.

Hi Joy. Your husband sounds like a great guy:)

Hi Joey. I'll have to try mustasa next time I make sinigang.

Hi Tracey! Yes, a roasted pig carcass is magical!

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