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December 13, 2010


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Ohhh I am craving that now.

This is why adobo is so awesome -- you can make it with anything. I've also done eggplant and broccoli adobo, too. I'm trying this next, especially since my grandma grows the same kind of peppers! Yum!

Thanks, Marvin!

the chili pepper adobo looks great marvin! now it's time for me to steal some peppers from my parents' back yard!!!!

and bittermelon, and eggplant, and sitao....

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Thanks joy.

Oooh, eggpland and brocoli adobo? Sounds terrific Lorena!

Parents' backyards are the best places for looting, right Caninecologne:)

Thanks abenk.

This sounds awesome! Definitely putting this on the to-do list! Happy 2011! :)

My mom, who hails from Laoag, calls these chili peppers siling Iloco, to differentiate from the ones used in sinigang, siling haba.

I love having this actually. Especially if you cook it with a little bagnet. :D Whenever my mom, my aunts, or their relatives come in from Ilocos, they usually bring a bagful of the stuff, and we usually have this. Yum.

Going to have to give these a try. Don't have a parental unit's backyard to swipe from, but the Korean markets here are always full of these.

BTW, did you see the write up in NYT about adobo on Jan 5th? Has coconut milk in it. I know there are regional variations, but no!

...sorry, now that that's out of my system, I'm going to have to make some of my grandmother's chicken and pork adobo...

My boyfriend always tells me about this dish. Because he's from Bicol, it doesn't make me wonder why he's mouth waters for spicy dishes. When i first heard of the dish, I had a hard time believing it is actually possible to be done 'cause most of the time he would tell me about things that are really out of this world. But when I got to your blogsite and saw how the dish looks like, I started to believe that it really exists. lol. And it looks delicious and palatable. I also like spicy food so I might as well have my own recipe of Adobong Sili. Thanks to you.

And btw, I was able to watch Jessica Soho's episode in which you were featured. Proud of you even if I don't know you personally. I hope to meet you soon. We'll really get along 'cause I too am extremely inclined to cooking.
Nice blog. Proud of you. ♣

This is my favorite too! I'm from Pangasinan and i ask my mom to make this for me everytime I'm home.


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