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November 27, 2010


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i'm super jealous you had a full on filipino feast! for our thanksgiving, it's usually a mixture of filipino, american, and whatever. this year was more random, though of course we DID have pancit palabok and kare-kare. now i want some dinaguan. aside from fried lumpia (too obvious of a choice), kare kare and dinaguan are my fave.

and a whole lechon!! super jealous. here around the DC area, i don't even know if there's a place we could order a whole pig. probably, but we always just order the sliced up portions of it. not the same. who doesn't want a whole roasted pig in their kitchen??

What a beautiful pig and feast! Great to hear you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving -- and I'm looking forward to that adobong sili recipe.

Oh man, I want a do-over of my thanksgiving -- what an awesome feast!

MMmm lechon! We have a tradition of making a modest amount of longanisa after Thanksgiving. Couple that with the moistest turkey I have ever encountered, my mom's pancit bihon, suman latik, morcon, and random ensamada - I don't want to eat for a week afterwards :)

Sarap sarap!

I love seeing how people celebrate the holidays! I'd enjoy an roasted pig over a turkey any day. I my family, we do the turkey and sides, but there's always a few Thai dishes laid out too. Makes things so much more interesting.

Marv, the lechon is calling my name... It's too bad that there is no good lechon in Seattle.
Yes, the cheek is the best when the skin is still crispy. Forget the turkey...

Wow. That is some feast. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wow, that's an authentic Filipino Thanksgiving feast fer sure!

I love it! We don't have turkey at our Thanksgiving either and it is most definitely not missed.

The only thing I'm unfamiliar with is the adobong sili..Can't wait for the recipe..mai gaz...aabangan ko talaga yan...

Happy thanks giving, i'm excited for adobong sili recipe. post it soon pls

Everything looks so good. My husband would have wished for a roasted pig for thanksgiving.

Lookee there, unblistered skin! It's actually been a long time since I've had real lechon (as opposed to just a roast pig).

Hey, I never thought of pulling off the entire cheek with skin as a personal serving of lechon with edible plate. Great idea! I'm going to steal that the next time there's lechon.

Oh, adobong sili: how very intriguing.

Oh my gosh...yum!!!!!!!!!!! I never knew that about the pigs cheek though!

Definitely the lechon's pig cheeks rock! And I certainly won't need a turkey if I've got a lechon :) Yup, I'm a true Filipino in that way (and more!) :)

Adobong sili! Wow! Can't wait for that recipe!

Now my Anglo conscience is really bothering me. I'm the cook in the family and my Santa Cruz born wife complains about turkey ("...no fat! No crispy skin! No cheek! Not even a head!") for several months leading up to Thanksgiving. Also bothering me: although I like turkey and it's... healthy... it looks like she may be right again. The lemongrass idea - whoa - genius.

Anyone have any recommendations for a good Lechon Dude in the NYC area (I might even go to Jersey)?

We're coming to LA to visit Manila Machine one of these days...

That was was Sta Cruz, Manila, PI.

Mmmm, I'm instantly homesick. My Thanksgiving in Cali with my parents, bro #3, and boyfriend was also porktastic with some dinuguan, lumpia, and chicharrones (in place of lechon, since there was only a handful of us), and then some pork and monggo. We did have a turkey because we gotta have turkey soup with shell noodles. Dang. But now I want a bite of lechon . . .

Looks much more tasty than bland, dry turkey!

Nice post. In every festival here in the philippines, they don’t forget to have a thanksgiving party for the wonderful blessings they get. Aside from that, they prepare some sumptuous meal for everyone.


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