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October 22, 2010


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This is so awesome (and yes, that theme song is a killer!)

Very cool - I'll share this on FB. And you're right, that theme song is stuck in my head...and I am also salivating as I type this. Lucky for me, I'm having dinner at my mom's tonight for some homemade Filipino food (uh, hopefully - better not be pizza night).

Oh, one suggestion: since it's cooling off, how about sinigang with salmon?

And another: how about bibingka for dessert...served on banana leaves?

Wow, that song is super-catchy!!!! =D

Very cool! I wish there's a Filipino food truck here in FL.

You're absolutely right, that song seems to be doing continuous re-runs in my head!
Anyway, I love what you're doing: raising the profile of a lesser known cuisine. I feel very passionate about traditional/cultural-inspired foods so here's wishing you the best of luck (and, as it seems, you probably won't need it judging by so many rave reviews)!

Damn that song is awesome!!!!!!!! I can just imagine a band playing that in a club.

I wish I was able to spot the truck when I visited LA... but that's alright. All the best with this awesome, fantastic and uber exciting venture!

wow! i just searched filipino food blog and yours came up...and funny enough i know AJ, but i guess everyone does.

thanks for blogging. gonna try out some recipes soon!

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