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October 18, 2010


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Hey there! So good to hear from you. Good to know that the truck's doing well. I'd never thought of a beer float before despite having lots of the kid-friendly variety. How does the sweetness of the ice cream go well with the bitterness of the porter? I thought that would just exaggerate the bitterness. Thanks!

Glad to hear everything is going swimmingly with the Manila Machine! Great beer float too :)

Hey Jikuu. The sweetness of the ice cream goes very well with the porter's slight bitterness. If you're hesitant of trying the beer float, just have the ice cream on the side as a regular beer pairing and see how the flavors meld that way. Then, plop some scoops of the ice cream into the porter if you like what you taste.

Hey joey! It's been too long! Thanks for stopping by.

very cool!!! i like the use of garnishes for those beer floats too.

my husband and i made our own beer floats after tasting a version up in portland last year. they used rogue chocolate stout (a brewery in oregon) with chocolate ice cream. i don't even like beer, but i liked the chocolate beer float!

Man. All of those floats sound ridiculous. I'm going to have to recreate them at home.

Unfortunately, we can't get the coconut porter (any of the Maui Brewing stuff, actually) so that's a bummer. I've heard wondrous things about that beer. Beeeeg porter fan here.

different floats with variety of taste lol I guess I would love this=)

Hi. I was really surprised you can make ice cream float with Coconut Porter. I sent my daughter a link to your website. She is a brewer for Maui Brewery. May I recommend another beer that she formulated, Le Perouse Belgian Wheat beer. It placed silver at Great Beer Fest in Colorado. Really good beer. By the way she is half Filipino.

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