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August 02, 2010


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Good to hear from you! I'm glad the Manila Machine's trucking well. Good luck!

I'm still reading! Keep up the great work with the Manilla Machine... They might be passing a bill soon to allow food trucks here, I hope! ^_^

Been following your blog here and there for a little while from Chicago, just moved to LA and stopped by your booth at the Food Fest the other weekend.

So proud that there's a Filipino food truck now, keep up the great work with the truck and the blog!

Gonna make your ube ice cream this week.

Congratulations Marvin! =)Please post more Manila machine food pics =)

Glad to hear that business is doing well!

It is wonderful for you. Could you come to Chicago? I don't really get to LA too much. Next time I'm in Cali, I'm going to look for you guys.

Great going, Marvin! Go rock the culinary world, one lumpia at a time. Cheering for you.

Yay, so glad to finally find a new entry. Been following you on the other site, too, but there's no place like the home(blog). Welcome back and so glad The Manila Machine is doing well (hello, Baby Lumpia college fund). We are behind you a hundred and one percent!

Sounds like a crazy ride! Glad to see you haven't totally given up on Burnt Lumpia.

I sent some vacationing friends to Manila Machine and they absolutely raved about it. I can't wait to get back to LA so I can give it a try!

I'm really excited about your endeavor. Good luck! I have just one question. Who is that really cute girl next to you and Jo Koy?

Please keep posting! You are doing important documentarian work on Filipino-American culture. Hope to make the trek to L.A. to sample some Manila Machine specialties.

Such a great job on being Burnt Lumpia and you've extended same care and pride over to Manila Machine that's why you are such a success. You're truly rocking that adobo (better than the hubs, shhh!). Wishing you continued success ...

im proud of you you one of succeed. lumpia there in manila is one of my favorite food really good.

Congratulations! Not to put more pressure on you but I cant help but think your truck maybe the turning point of Pinoy food going mainstream. Just sayin...

I've been a long time reader and I'm so happy you're doing this food truck! I just went to the food truck today. The food was amazing! I spent 20 minutes describing what I ate to a friend of mine. She's begging me to take her next time! Great job!

Congrats! Since the food truck boom, I've always wondered if there was a Filipino food truck and thought there was probably one in LA. After Googling, nothing. Then earlier this month or so I saw you tweet about Manila Machine and I didn't realize you were running The Manila Machine until I read this post. LA's so lucky! I'm wishing one for the DC area.

Best of luck and yummy dishes! And by God I've been hearing its yummy.

How about having one in San Jose, California! We need it.

Marvin this is ridiculous! I got to NYC for a couple years and here you are with a freaking Filipino food truck! I'm totally stopping by whence I return home...and spreading the word about your business too! Congratulations :) this seems to be a pretty amazing year for you!

you still have readers and we do understand how busy you've been. good luck and we Filipinos are so proud of you guys :) i was reading your posts from when you started one valentines day and you've gone a looooong long way. you deserve it. :)

Keep preachin' bro! Wish you the very best in this endeavor.

Still here Marvin and still cheering for the Manila Machine! Go spread the word of our food!!! :) Sending you lots of good vibes!

yaaaaaaaaay! you wrote in your blog! i really missed you and your food blogging shinannigans...did i spell that right? oh well. anyways, congrats on your food truckin' success. i had the pleasure of trying ur food at the la street food fest...yummers! keep up the good work!

Hey! I'm a new fan. I'm also filipino. Your picture of lumpia makes me "mmm" while the burnt lumpia makes me sad. I wont lie, I'd probably eat it anyway. Ha! Cheers!

One of our students reported on this in her blog.

We now teach filipino American cuisine as a side study course along with Sushi styles.

Well done and keep going

Go, Marvin, go!!! I'm so happy to read about your successes and to know you're still out there in the webosphere!

exciting! can't wait to try some manila machine during the next trek south....keep it up!

Best of luck to you on the Manila Machine. I'm in Nebraska and our Asian Pacific group sells ~6000 lumpias every May for a fundraiser. A tip to make the rolling faster is to do an assembly line and use a gallon ziplock bag as a piping bag. You'll be surprised at how much quicker it goes.

Thanks for the updates! Filipino food is still a mystery to most Americans, especially here in the Midwest. I'm glad you are getting so many props out there and wish you nothing but the best. I have only one question - when will you be opening a "drink truck"? Your calamansi-infused vodka/martini makes a wonderful pairing with pork belly adobo. Mabuhay!

Marvin, congratulations on this fantastic venture! I wish you and everyone that is a part of The Manila Machine continued success. Your are such a great ambassador for your cuisine.

You still have readers and fans. I am sending you lots of positive vibes.

How is your little bundle of joy?

OMG - I love Jo Koy! He is hilarious! If I am ever in LA, you bet I'll be on the lookout for The Manila Machine.

I've been checking out your blog for quite some time now and even tried out some of your recipes! I don't know you, but I'm SO excited that there's a Filipino food truck and I LOVE the menu! Kinda sad there's no bangsilog, but that's a smart choice... the stench may scare off the Americans... especially for breakfast. Congrats!

Hi Marbin [sic]!

Just wanted to say your blog is awesome, I'm sad I just discovered it recently, but reading through all the archives was both simultaneously entertaining and informative. I'm doubly sad because I just recently moved out of SoCal and thus am missing the opportunity to hit up the Manila Machine...pan de sal sliders - my pinoy friends and I like "why didn't we think of that??"

Good luck to you!

PS - I'm stealing your bistek recipe for dinner - ty

This is great news. Congratulations and good luck!

Best wishes on continued success Marvin! One of these days when I'm in LA, I am going to track down your truck. Looking forward to it!

Awww... so proud and happy for you! This business is pure geeeeenius and it's good to hear it's going so well.

Have been following your blog for a while, and so happy Manila Machine made it down to Manhattan Beach today. Loved the food!! Looking forward to your next visit!

Sad to come home and see no new posts from you, but more than glad that your new venture is going great! I can't wait to look you guys up soon as my husband and I are moving back home to L.A.! Huzzah! Can't wait to taste your yummy eats. Ooh, has dinuguan made a cameo yet? I'd love to try it if you do. I always compare others to my dads. I'm more than convinced he makes the best dinuguan. EVER.

Congratulations for bringing Filipino cuisuine on the mainstream. Keep up the good work. Mabuhay Ang Lasang Pinoy!!!

Just came across your food truck on Serious Eats. I know you just got rolling, but do you see yourself traveling to NYC? Being a Filipino myself, I would love to have the tasty cuisine my mom made for me when I was young. She is on the west coast as well. I just moved to NYC so I am looking for some good Filipino food. Happen to have any suggestions? Keep up the good work. I think it's important for people to be exposed to the many different cuisines that exist out there. Thanks for representing our roots.

Glad things are going mostly well. Good work!

I'm still reading! Sorry for some of the bumps in the road, but stick with it - you guys are true pioneers. Hope things get better & better. Oh - and WHEN are you coming up north to SF? Huh???

I've been following Manila Machine on FB and I think it's a great thing you're doing to promote Filipino food. I am Manila based and really admire Filipinos who take pride in their heritage though they are away from home. More power to you!

OMG I frequent your blog sometimes, and just realized today that you're part owner of Manila Machine.

Crazy, I went there last month, I was sad that you guys didn't have the calamansi tart.

But I tried everything else and it was good :)


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