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June 20, 2010


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Can't say enough how proud I am of you and Nastassia. I'm not even Pinoy, but I can't help but feel so happy for both of you ;-) Roll on!

Wow! Congratulations! Come on out to Chicago! And share your recipes!

Congratulations. I hope you might also share some info on the road from your decision to do a truck to opening night. I'm interested in doing a truck in the future and would love advice.

Marvin, all i can say is "bwisit ka! inunahan mo ko!" haha. just kidding, but seriously, id love to be in LA right now... i shall visit home soon! -Allen Buhay

Good for you Marvin & Natassia! And good for Filipino cuisine as well!
If only I could drop by in person and sample everything...it's a shame you're too far from my neighbourhood!
I wish you and your new venture all the best! GO ADOBO!


CONGRATULATIONS! i know so many pinoys out there miss the usual pinoy food. that means you have the chance to expand your business in every state. more power!

Congratulations! I'm going to tell my friends and family in the LA area to watch out for the truck! I will definitely check it out when I visit.

this is awesome... hopefully your truck has much success and all your hard work pays off

Jollijeep!! Congratulations, Marvin.

That is great! What a wonderful idea and I agree, everytime I'm in LA, I could never find filipino food. I always have to go to National city. Good for you.

Big congrats to you and Nastassia! We want to try it all!

Congrats, Marvin and Nastassia! You both are such great bloggers and I'm glad you have teamed up to create this wonderful thing. I'll definitely help spread the word.

Next time I'm in LA, I'll be keeping an eyeball out for this orange truck!

My husband just climbed over me, crushing my organs, to read about the Original Manila Dip Slider.
Suffice it to say, you've been added to our itinerary for next years LA vacation!

Congrats! Looking forward to tomorrow's event at Americana. See you soon! :)

Putting the NorCal/SoCal rivalry aside for a bit (I'm from the Bay Area), I'm now downright JEALOUS of SoCal, having The Manila Machine to feed them. And I'm hungry now, too. Damn. :D Good luck on the venture and continue to spread the Pinoy love!!

CONGRATULATIONS and the very best of luck to you all. It's hard to find good Filipino food in the Seattle area as well or any other city I have ever visited for that matter. What's up with this anyway?

Only thing missing from your truck is the jeepney look - I think that would take it up another notch - ya think?

Yaaay! I have been tossing around the idea of doing this in Portland, OR, where food carts rule the streets!

Great stuff! Wish you all the best in this venture.

Congratulations!! I admit I haven't been following your blog as regularly as I used to, but well, I'm glad to see that now that I've dropped by, you're doing great things! One of these days, I'll have to come visit your truck...lemme know if you'd like to add bibingka (complete with banana leaf, haha) to your menu, I can mass produce mini ones (about the size of a jumbo muffin cup)

Awesome, awesome, AWESOME! I love what you're doing Marvin! Way to get out there and spread the word that Filipino food is bomb. I'm new to your blog and fell in love at first sight. I'm currently in Salt Lake City with my husband but L.A. is home. Hearing about the Manila Machine through friends on Facebook got me excited but to now hear that you're one of the reasons behind it is making me even more excited to move back home later this year! I didn't mean for this to be such a novel, I just can't help how excited I am for all of you involved. Having been classically in the culinary arts and having worked with great chefs in Las Vegas, I can't wait to get back home and back to work in a kitchen (crossing my fingers for a spot in Suzanne Goin's kitchen) where I can re-hone my skills and one day do what Amy Besa did in NY. Kudos man, I wish you all the success in the world!

*I meant classically trained. And yes, if you pimped your truck out to look like a jeepney it'd be that much sweeter! Can't wait to hunt down your truck when we get back home!

Oh man - can't you take a road trip to northern CA? Prety, pretty please?!? I mean, we already have a vibrant truck culture and all.

Seriously - a big congratulations. I am thrilled for you and wish you all success.

Wow Marvin! Best wishes for a super-successful business. What a great idea; your menu sounds terrific, that combined with your enthusiasm and fabulous cooking it cannot help but be a winner. I look forward to tasting your awesome foods and supporting the Manila Machine!

tasteblog is following you on twitter, hope to be in the same area one day real soon
Lori Lynn

Wow, this is SO WEIRD. I swear not even 5 minutes ago I was just looking at your twitter and website. I'm very excited to see a filipino food truck! Sorry you got kicked out today. Try off of Grand where the Wells Fargo building is, trucks don't seem to have an issue there and it's really close to my office. I'd love to visit sometime. I'd say DTLA during lunch and WLA during the evening (Olympic & Sawtelle, perhaps!) is the way to go, but that's just me being selfish. ;)

Filipino food I think is the same way like Asian cuisine its so delicious.

Good for you; I'm not Filipino and I don't even live in the US but I can't help but feel proud when a fellow anyone has such a strong drive and desire to promote something they're so passionate about -especially food (for my own greedy reasons)! And even more so, when they actually DO something about it! Congrats and wishing you all the best; keep it up! And don't forget your blog...there's still so much for me to learn about Filipino food :)

Oh yes, I forgot to mention...perhaps adding halo halo to your menu could be a nice touch too :)

Ahhhhhhh, duuuuuude, drive that think to Phoenix!!! I mean, Pe-nix! ;D

HUGE congratulations, Marvin--I was hoping this is what it was. I hope you go far, literally and figuratively, with this venture! I'm excited to see what comes next!!!

THAT IS AWESOME!!! I just find it hard to believe that it is hard to come across a Filipino restaurant in LA considering how many are over there! Can't wait to read more about your business venture!

OMG YES! I thought you were coming out with a book, but this is so much better than anything I could have imagined. Congratulations on this new, exciting venture, and I wish the best of luck to you and Nastassia! Gonna have to hunt you guys down the next time I pass through LA.

Congrats and good luck on your new venture!! Wish I lived in LA...but since I don't, I posted the URL to this page on my Facebook page for my SoCal friends! And yes, I've just "liked" The Manila Machine on Facebook as well. *two thumbs up*

Mabuhay kayo! Cheers from Makati, Philippines!

Congrats to you M & N! Way to go it's about time LA Pinoy's represent...Maybe get Guy Fieri to showcase.... To answer RQ's Question, I think the biggest stumbling block with most Filipino Restaurants are since there are so many islands and provinces and regions, there is no standard or set recipe for food. Hell in one Barrio you could get Adobo made a dozen different ways with whatever is available and then compound that from region to region, say Ilocano vs Visayan etc.. Well do you get the pic! Also for the masses out side of da Kababayan. Is maybe a presentation problem, sometimes lacking eye appeal or too rustic for the uneducated palate. So to see the Beef Tapa sliders and how you were able modernize and fuse classic home Pinoy food with creative plate lunch Whoa!!! Good thing I would say! Best of luck!

OMG i saw this truck at the downtown art walk. I was there!!! I got super excited when i saw it. On the other hand, the line was way too long so my friends and i were like eh...maybe next time.

Awesome! You need to bring this out to NY/NJ! Seriously, if you ever need a partner. I know this is a rather weak business proposition but you know the deal, if you're ever interested just email me.

Dude that is so awesome. So, so awesome! Congrats and best of luck!

Congratulations and good-luck!!! I am sure that it will be a success. :) Your recipes taste so good and work so well - I am sure that your new venture will work out great, too. It has to!

That is absolutely awesome, Marvin! Bravo on your efforts to promote our cuisine to the populace! This is going way beyond what you originally set out to do with your blog, and I salute your passion. I hope it's a huge success, so that there will be many more Manila Machines rolling around the US, and more people will be turned on to Pinoy food. :-)

Congrats on the Manila Machine!! I ran across your press release through a friend and I was thoroughly impressed to say the least. I know your truck will be successful so I'll just say "drive safe". Cheers!!

Hi Marvin, I just read about another Filipino food truck, only it's in SF and focuses mainly on sisig: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/2010/06/theres_another_filipino_taco_t.php

Oh, and I guess before that there was one started in Brisbane, just south of SF: http://blogs.sfweekly.com/foodie/2010/04/hapa_sf_ex-citizen_cake_chefs.php

Another step closer to world domination via Filipino food trucks!

Marvin: Congratulations on this new venture! I'm very excited about what you're doing: kudos to you and I wish you the very best. We're heading down to LA in the next couple of weeks so we'll be following your truck around. Congrats, congrats, congrats.

Congratulations!!! This is fantastic Marvin! Our cuisine needs people like you! :) Go go go Manila Machine!!! :)

Lechon Wagon is up next, at a jeepney stop near you.

congrats! Good on ya...

Boy, am I jealous that you aren't here in Ohio with your truck! I'd be one of the first to line up!

Hey marv! I think i commented here before but I don't know where was it. Anyways, congratulations again and this is a huge push for Filipino food. Like a truck ramming in to everyone you took Filipino food to the next level.

I'll get the truck photograph because I will feature you in my site this coming tuesday. And hopefully ask for an interview from you and Nas. Please say yes. Cheers mate!

I only stop in to read every couple of months (having found you when looking for a lumpia rolling tutorial). So, I just found out Manilla Madness is you & N!!! Wow!!! I'm going to stop by soon!

I just found out about you through my cousin who currently resides in Taiwan. How awesome to have a Filipino Food truck! I'm so glad to have come across your blog! I can't wait to read past posts and follow along!

Marvin! How awesome! A friend of mine tweeted fab reviews of the Manila Food Truck! Love it!

where's our lechon kawali/bagnet, crispy pata, and chicharon? hehehe believe me sir, they might be afraid at first, but once they try it . . . oh, wow!!!

Good luck with the new venture...hope the non Pinoy would try the food.

Brilliant!!! Enjoy showing the world your amazing food.

Congratulations and thank you for promoting Filipino food... I hope you make pork sinigang too and some kakanin for dessert :D

oh my gosh, what fantastic news!!! Congrats on this exciting and delicious new venture. It sounds like it's a smash hit!! So happy for you, you deserve it! :D

Congrats to both of you and to those who supported your endeavors. I will looking for a cross country tour in the future! Keep up the good work!

Just came across your blog-- the truck sounds awesome! I am in Los Angeles and will have to hunt you guys down for some Filipino grub. Aside from having Filipino food from my friends' homes, I really don't see a lot of restaurants, so this is great. I'll also have to check out your recipes for one of my future posts!

Although I know I'm a little late, congrats, this sounds awesome! And so cool that you just decided to go for it!

I'm so happy that you have started this business venture. I'm from Orange County and we love the Kogi truck that comes over our way.

Do you think you will be making trips down to OC with the Manila Machine?

Mabuhay ang Manila Machine!!!! ..mula sa BAGUIO CITY!

I love your concept. I'm a Filipina who just moved to Sydney and I love to cook. My husband and I have been toying with the idea of doing something like this here. Would you be open to sharing some ideas to help us get started?

The truth - I am surprised. I knew that there are taco trucks, pizza and even meat trucks - but now, Filipino food truck? Good to know!

It looks absolutely delicious.

Wow! This is a great post! I'm here in LA and hope to see this Manila Machine. I love Filipino food and will definitely buy from your machine. Thanks a lot for sharing. Mabuhay!

bring it to Vancouver!

Wow, see what happens when the vicissitudes of life keep you away from blogging for almost a year -- someone takes a great idea and makes it an awesome one! Belated congratulations on this venture, Marv. And best wishes for continued success through the new year!

The food truck business is a real great thing. I don't see what's bad in great diverse tastes, low cost food and great people. I sure prefer it over any fast food restaurant in the local mall.


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