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May 24, 2010


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filipino food truck... wha?? i am living in the wrong city! (chi-town)

Oh, please tell me you're teasing us with a Filipino food truck! If so, I can only hope it will make its way down to San Diego some day...If my guess is wrong, I can't wait to hear what the project is! Good luck, Marvin!

I often dream of a truck loaded with lumpia pulling up to my door -- could this dream be coming true???

You're being pessimistic with that one little parenthetical! I wish you the best of luck (and I'm going to hit you a little for not telling me about this!!).

i am thinking of the samething here in dallas -- but it won't be exclusively filipino - good luck!

looking forward to...whatever it may be! I wish you (& your friend) well pare!

Are you going on a bloggers' tour? That would be AWESOME.

I'm going to guess that a joint cookbook is in the works. That would be so cool. Whatever it is good luck!!

Can't wait to hear what your project is! Sounds really exciting! :)

If you're doing a Lumpia Truck, I think you're going to be a millionaire!

I am looking for work and I love filipino food! Can i work with you?
colehiala@yahoo.com contact me!

Can't wait to hear about it. I hope you and the family had a lovely Memorial Day weekend.

My guess was really idiotic in light of that photo. I'll blame jet lag. I just saw your tweet, congratulations!!!

What what what is it?!?!?! Hmmm...I'm hoping it's a Lumpia Truck...but whatever it is, I'm looking forward to this like Christmaaaaas!

Also, you got props on LAist. I'm so there!


Now you've really got my mental wheels turning! Can't wait to find out!

I know what your secret is!! Congratulations! I hope to meet you soon! Maybe July 24th! LOL I love you're blog!

Looks like I found your blog just in time. Dying to see what's behind the curtain.

Good luck! Keep on a'truckin'.

I am excited with the dish! I remembered eating like that when we were in an Asian restaurant.

Oh wow, congrats!

I saw the post on gastronomy. Sliders on pandesal?! with longganisa? Anjd tapa with atsara! Man, those are ideas my sister and I have for a sandwich concept store! ;D

Great minds think alike. LOL.

Congrats again!

dang dude, the manila machine sounds awesome. I so hope you drive it up north to SF sometime!

Nice blog you got here...one of the best Filipino invention is turon...

Haha...rad! This is definitely an entry worth the wait. Let us know when the nationwide franchise starts. Boston is a great foodie city - you'd have an audience of attentive stomachs!

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