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May 04, 2010


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Are you going? I'm going to be at at least two of the sessions (the cooking demo and the panel discussion).

It sounds really cool, I wish I could go.

Burnt Loomp are you going? If not, i'll eat all I can in your honor!

I could use this! By the way, I finally wrote up my piece on Seafood City. Check it out (http://www.sandiegofoodstuff.com/2010/05/filipino-cusine-mysteriously-eluding.html). I've linked to two of your pages. Thanks for the help and feel free to make any clarifications or corrections! Caron

hi marvin
wish i could go to that. the line up of chefs/authors/poets/etc looks awesome.

Hey Arnold. Sadly, I won't be making the trip up. But I really wanted to check out that Amy Besa class, so you're gonna have to let me know how it goes.

Me too, Erin;)

You're gonna have to eat lots of lumpia for me, Albert. Have at it!

Thanks for the link Caron. Great write-up!

The line up is indeed, awesome canine! It's killing me that I can't make it.

Wow! I'm sure that would be a great event! Some of us are excited but not all of us are fortunate enough to come. Please do share us here (in your blog) the excitement you will experience on the symposium. Looking forward on your next entries! Enjoy!

To all the Filipinos: Mabuhay tayong lahat!

- Tera

So sorry you won't be able to go- but then again, neither can I :( I hope someone chronicles it :)

Darn, I want to go there! But I can't because I've got school. It would have been fabulous to post pics on my food blog from that event. *sigh*

hey bro, allen buhay here... how do u get a hold of those chocolates? id love to try them....

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