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April 06, 2010


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Love the reinvention of Rocky Road with Pinoy flavors and ingredients! Great job!

You are so awesome! Magnolia Ice Cream should watch out . . .

Brilliant! I'm always amazed at your Filipino twists to recipes. Although, more purple!

I love your ube marshmallows. I have a minor obsession with all things ube because...well, purple food!

I need a scoop of this alongside a slice of Red Ribbon's bright purple ube cake! Such a cool take on rocky road ice cream. Yum!

Hi Marvin,
Awesome post - i love anything ube!!!!! It's so very Prince.

I also have that ube flavoring in a bottle (along with Pandan and Jackfruit flavors) but sadly, haven't used it yet. but maybe i can try this recipe now....

i've been wanting to make my own ice-cream for a while...this looks really good!

Gotta run to get that ice-cream maker!

Ube flavor in a bottle? Who knew?

Alright, this post just called to me in ways I can't describe. Rocky Road is just about my favorite ice cream flavors of all time, but THIS would likely surpass it. What a fantastic fusion of flavors!

As soon as I break out my ice cream maker from hiding, I will definitely try this.

Rocky Road is by far my all time favorite flavor of ice cream! Your version is fantastic! Homemade ube marshmallows...wow! :)

Amazing, a great way to cool down for the summer :D to be honest, I'm not really fond of ube though, but the tablea chocolate is a stroke of genius!

I need to get me a bottle of that ube extract, stat! So awesome, Marvin.

Excellent! Looks delicious. Ube extract opens up a whole 'nother world of possibilities, especially for us bakers! I must get my hands on some...

Oh my goodness that looks soooo good. Such torture during my afternoon sugar craving!

Holy cow (or ube)! Ube in a bottle, who knew? Before reading the post, I thought you went through the trouble or roasting the ube first and finding a way to get the essence into a fluffy marshmallow, but this is definitely way easier. If you have ube essence. Which I don't. But I do have ube/purple yams in my fridge and I've been meaning to make ube jam. So another cosmic hint to get my butt into the kitchen. Thanks for the kick Marvin!

This is a great way to use Ube.

You're lucky to have lived where Filipino's ingredients are easy to get. What an original twist!

Wow!Amazing ube marshmallow. You really made it on your own version of Rocky Road Ice Cream. Is their another flavor available aside from ube?
Well, two thumbs up for a job well done.

How did you find the combination of ube and chocolate? The last time I combined those two was in a 3-scoop cone of "dirty" ice cream!

How did your ube marshmallows turn out? I would imagine the ube flavor would be a little difficult to bring out in marshmallows, not to mention stand up against tsokolate.

Thanks arnold!

Heh, thanks Tracey!

Hi WC. Yeah, I was holding back on the ube flavoring at first because I didn't want to go crazy, but in hindsight, I would definitely add much more.

Who doesn't love purple food, krista? :)

Thanks Lorena. RR's ube cake is always awesome.

Definitely give it a try, caninecologne. But I must warn you that making marshmallows is a bit tricky, if not sticky.

At the very least, give the tsokolate ice cream a try, beancounter.

Thanks Liren!

I never really was a fan of Rocky Road myself joey. But I admit, now I love the stuff.

Thanks TS!

If you don't like ube, just try the tsokolate ice cream Brian.

Thanks Caroline. Look for it in Filipino markets like seafood city.

I could only imagine what you could do with ube in baked goods, Dee!

Glad I could provide the torture, Dea.

Hi Mila! Yes, the ube in a bottle is definitely much easier--i can't imagine roasting ube and somehow getting that into a marshmallow!

Thanks Joy.

Thanks Tuty. I can see how ube flavoring would be hard to get in other areas.

Thanks Andre. I'm not sure about another flavor of marshmallow, I'm happy with ube:)

Hi Manggy. I was actually inspired to first make ube marshmallows to put on top of my hot tsokolate, that's where I was inspired for the rocky road ice cream. I've never had "dirty" ice cream, but it sounds tasty ;P

Hi JungMann. The ube flavor isn't that difficult to bring out in the marshmallow considering it's the only flavor in the marshmallow. You can easily add more ube extract to get even more ube flavor. And even with the tsokolate ice cream, you can still pick out the ube flavor when you get a marshmallow in each bite.

Hi Marvin,

Been a lurker for quite a while. I really enjoy reading your posts, They're insanely funny and very Filipino.

I just have a question, what Ice cream maker do you use? Any suggestions on a good ice cream maker.

I like the consistency of your ice cream (if only through the pictures).


Hi Marvin! Those are some groovy marshmallows! Ube!I always learn about foods I have never heard of when I come here. I bet your ice cream was a big hit!

First off -- BRILLIANT. I love your twist on traditional Rocky Road. This is why there are food bloggers, to rethink classics and prove that comfort foods are meant to be reinvented. Your marshmallows fill me with marshmallowy envy. I've made them before, but with such mixed results. Every time I see someone make them, it looks so easy, and then I'm tempted to make them again!

Tsokolate Ice Cream + Ube Marshmallows + Peanuts = Rocky Road yummmy, thanks for posting this

Oh man--Ube marshmallows!!!!!!! I'd faint with joy if I saw Ube extract at the store. I COVET. Found a site that sells it: http://www.efooddepot.com/products/mc_cormick/27606/ube_flavor__hypen__20ml.html

Oh, happy day!

This looks absolutely decadent and delicious. I really admire that you took the time to make your own marshmallows (and ube marshmallows-wow)...

This looks insanely delicious, I am going to make this very soon. I have to say, I really like your traditional recipes, but your fusion recipes are genius.

"We've got a floater!" -- you're so funny. i will never look at marshmallows the same, again. AHAHAHA!

that rocky road looks so good though. too bad, i'm allergic to all sorts of nuts. danggit!

That sounds really good - adding peanuts to it! yum!

I made ube creme brulee with frozen grated ube recently. It's awesome. I'll have to find some ube extract to amp up the flavor. I'm thinking of making ube meringue with the left over egg whites.

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