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April 25, 2010


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If I had a piece of Askinosie Chocolate, I'd eat it alone first - letting in melt on my tongue (not trying to be fresh). Other ideas: In a s'more, in a raspberry tartlet, melted and drizzled over vanilla ice cream. I can go on and on.

i would cherish the packaging. Then put on some anime, a fist full of goldfish, a royal orange soda and mix and munch my sunday away.

wow...i hope it gains popularity worldwide!

i'm not too fussy with chocolate...i like to eat it straight from the wrapper, especially as a picker-upper! :)

The chocolate sounds delicious. I'd eat it all by itself.

Awesome giveaway!!

I would enjoy it one piece at a time (however my kids might try to eat the entire bar in one sitting).

I think Filipino chocolate would be great as an ingredient in my fiance's chocolate cake he's getting for his birthday!

I will enjoy them melted over vanilla ice cream... Yum!

I'm a chocoholic and a mangoholic so I'd melt some of those Davao Dark Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel and dip my sliced mangoes in it! Yeah, that will definitely make my day!

I'd probably just enjoy them all by themselves. I don't really need anything with something like this.

I'd iagune the dark chocolate with jalapeño cheese

Ooops iPod acting up. I meant I'd imagine the dark chocolate would go well with the jalapeño cheese

I love eating chocolate while watching TV. The more suspenseful the scenes, the more I bite into the chocolate bar!

I enjoy my chocolate by hiding it from my husband and then locking myself in my study to eat it :)

Loooove good chocolate all by itself. I'd savor the bars one luscious square at a time. Maybe alternating the two kinds to enhance the flavor of each. These little babies would not last long at all in my house. Hmmmm, maybe I'd stash them from the hubby and the kids so there would be more for me. Ha!Ha!

Maybe with a nice fruity drink. Mango margaritas...or with a nice glass of wine.

I'd enjoy the dark chocolate bar with a glass of red wine!

I'd have it by itself... Maybe having popcorn with it while watching a movie. Love the combination of sweet and salty.

OOh yum. I love the creative packaging. Id have mine baked in to traditional bibinka, replacing the salted egg. OR in thethe everso classic champorado. OR straight up with a lovely glass of Red wine! NOM!!

(not entering giveaway, just wanted to share)
Marvin, I just made tablea brownies infused with barako coffee, and it was fantastic.
Now if I had chocnuts around I'd toss it in as well.

I would definitely eat it as is. Some would be melted and drizzled on top of vanilla icecream.

I'd probably use the dark chocolate in my mother's champorado recipe, then eat the milk chocolate by itself...or maybe use it in a cupcake recipe! :)

The packaging looks so cool and the chocolates will most undoubtedly taste awesome so I'd also give them as a small birthday present to other Filipino friends and family to introduce them to this treat.

Ooo, those chocolates look great!

I would share them with my boyfriend, who would be delighted that they have a connection to the Phillipines! :) Thank you!

I always enjoy good quality chocolates as is.

How would I enjoy my Asinokie Chocolate, let me count the ways... but too bad I don't live in the U.S. :D Thanks for sharing pictures of the bar, they look awesome and cute.

I'd give it the cheese treatment and fix up some nice accompaniments. Some fresh fruit and cheese to nibble with it. Of course, lots of beverages as well. A nice single malt scotch, a red wine, a good ale, and some milk. ^^

i would eat it WITH MY MOUTH..

For me, really good chocolate deserves their own spotlight. They are divas like that.

I've been known to love some dark chocolate in my day. Since it's strawberry season here in San Diego, I'd probably go the chocolate-covered berry route. Simple and delicious!

Sounds delicious and unique.

I would eat them with a glass of red wine. Yum!

Yay to chocolate. I'd eat it by itself, one square at a time, to savor the chocolaty goodness. Thanks for the chance at your giveaway. :)

There are some marvelous local fruit wines made here in Minnesota. I would pair perhaps a nice cherry wine with the Davao Dark Chocolate - fusing Far East and Midwest flavors! 8-)

A fresh cup of black coffee would go great with the Davao chocolate bars

Just ordered the Davao kilo bar. Can't wait to taste it with some Madeira. I also want to pair it with some flavored salts I recently acquired. Thanks for sharing this info.

because i can't be trusted to control myself when chocolate is involved, i'd melt the dark chocolate into texas chili (no beans! no tomatoes!) so it goes farther and can feed more people. not strictly traditional, but it would definitely give an awesome and mysterious depth of flavor to the whole thing.

the milk chocolate one's getting straight up eaten, probably right after some funky cheese with some adventurous friends.

- sara

i think it's important to support the local farmer's from back home. i was lucky to taste a small block of it, and unfortunately can't find it anymore. i believe one of the chocolates was made from a province near my dad's home. i mentioned it to him, and he would love to taste some!

i'd use the dark chocolate to melt into my homemade graham crackers and marshmallows to make my own "Filipino" smores. with the white chocolate, i'd brake those into pieces to bake into my white chocolate, toffee macadamia, coconut cookies!! mmm, i'm drooling over my keyboard just thinking about it. :)



With a good bourbon or Speyside single-malt.

Askinosie chocolate is the most magical chocolate evah! Each piece has a letter on it that spells out Askinosie. I eat each bar piece by piece and imagine that I'm somewhere exotic that corresponds to the letter. Like I said, magic!

I would most likely end up eating them with a nice bourbon, but a small amount crumbled into a cooking pot of chili might make for a nice added flavor.

i'd use them in chocolate chip cookies.

I would probably use one kind for a cake like a chocolate chiffon and the other some chocolate covered strawberries.

with wine or coffee :)

i will eat them. like a voracious child.

I would host a sustainable/fair trade chocolate tasting for friends, and compare it to other gourmet chocolates like Taza's Somerville-made discs.

Me, me!! Love dark chocolate, never had any from the Philippines though :(.

They won't make it inside the house unless the postman brings it to my door!

Oh boy, I would enjoy that dark chocolate with a cup of coffee, possibly (probably) swirled in with some coconut cream...I would probably share a bit with the kiddo s'more style too...

Mmm, dark chocolate and red wine.

I'll be dipping an ensaymada(Philippine brioche)from a vendor at the Salcedo Village Farmer's Market in Makati after I've made the thickest chocolate eh from those bars. The dark one, of course.

i would enjoy both by itself or with a glass of steamed milk =)

I would enjoy the Davao Dark Chocolate bar with a glass of red wine, and the Davao Milk Chocolate bar with a glass of ice cold milk! :)

like a criminal...at my desk at work...furtively looking left to right to make sure no one tries to sneak up on me and i wont have to hurt em! =)

I'm gonna each chunks of the dark choc in between swigs of Guinness and hand the milk choc for my hubby and my toddler to enjoy. I wont share the dark choc with anyone hehehe

I'd share them with my family. :)

I've heard of the brand, but never tried it. Would be great to find out what chocolate from the Philippines tastes like. I recently go into a habit of sprinkle some really good salt on slightly warmed chocolate, so that's how I'd eat the dark chocolate. For the milk chocolate, I'd break it up into little pieces and mix them into my homemade trail mix. No plan to have either one with booze. I'm so ashamed ...

Waaah! I want some! Wouldn't it be sweet if they also made tablea?

White chocolate I'd probably eat - I likes me white chocolate.

Dark Chocolate just screams churros con chocolate!!!!!

Assuming that it's the chocolate with the fleur de sel, I'll enjoy it by itself. The slow melt of chocolate and salt is so addicting.

I love dark chocolate and the sweet-salty combination of fleur de sel and chocolate. I would eat this straight up, one square a day.

Those bars are gorgeous. I bet they'd all pair well with a nice single malt scotch. mmmm-mmm, smoky peat + chocolate!

No, no, no! Canadians are excluded once again! =P

Gluttony and I are tight! So, I am one of those people who can eat a whole bar in one sitting.

i would eat the dark chocolate in one sitting while watching "true blood - season1 episode 9".

hello! i would eat the chocolate bar on a rainy san francisco day while cozied under layers of kumots in my pambahay. i'd rub the chocolate with a thumb to melt some of it and get the smell alive. then i'd let a square warm up in my mouth until it half melted and i couldn't stand it anymore and chewed it up. then i'd sip some hot black coffee to give my mouth a clean bitter finish and to make it warmed up to melt the next bite. thanks!

i love chocolate by themselves or a cup of hot coffee~ ^_^

Oh, wow. Look at all the comments. I didn't have enough patience to go through all the preferences of those who left comments. ;p

Too bad I'm not eligible for the giveaway (I'm in the Philippines), but a bar (or more hahaha) of the Davao Dark Milk Chocolate with Fleur de Sel would be such a prize! I've just recently experienced for myself the combination of chocolate and salt that greatly accentuates flavor, and it floored me. Why haven't I heard of or tried it before??!!!

Good luck to those vying for the giveaway! :)

Aw man, I won't be eligible for a while, but hypothetically I'd enjoy them straight out of hand, of course, with eyes closed ;) Can't wait to see them on the shelves!

Straight up, baby! I'd eat them plain...

Boy would I love to get those to taste.

i would eat some out of the wrapper as soon as i got them, then i would mix my pinoy self with my american self, get graham crackers and mallows and make a SMORE!

I would TOTALLY pair it with a glass of Banfi Rosa Regale - it improves all chocolate (as if chocolate needed improving).

It's about time to enjoy the chocolate from the countries where the cocoa beans are actually grown.

I'd enjoy it both straight from the wrapper and mixed into a brownie batter.

I'd like to say I'd share the chocolate with loved ones, but in reality I'd hide them at my work desk and sneak bites straight from the bar. I get a huge sense of satisfaction of biting straight into a chocolate bar when I should be more ladylike about it. I just can't be a lady when there's chocolate.

I'd use the Dark Milk Chocolate to make a frosting for chocolate cupcakes ... hoping to detect a funky taste ... and call it Cupcake with Kalding chocolate frosting and remember fond memories of my dad who loved kalding and cooked like a bad-ass Ilocano.

I would melt the dark and milk chocolate together and dip some fried ripe plantains in it. Yum! :)

I would eat them one small square at a time, savoring the unique flavor you described so well. :)

I would make a mean hot chocolate with it. MmMMMMMmmmmmmm.

Id enjoy mine plain. I prefer to savor my chocolate and enjoy every last bit. I might also pair it with some tea and the original Alice in Wonderland movie. Or, I would attempt to make some Chocolate Banana Lumpia. None of this chocolate would be wasted.

Well, I too have been tinkering with/re-exploring the tastes of my native tongue.

I Love to add dark chocolate to meat dishes, like my pasta meat sauces.

So, to Filipinize it, as you say, I'd definitely add it to my pork guisantes. I've made it once & have been thinking about what I could add to "kick it up a notch."

As for the milk chocolate, maybe a filipino version of tsokolate affogato.

i would like to enjoy mine plain... bite after bite... til it melts in my mouth...savoring the taste as long as i could

I'm so happy with this post! Thanks! My parents own a small cacao farm in Davao, and their cooperative supply the cacao to direct importers such as Askinosie and another confectioner from Eu :-) So glad that you've found the Askinosie brand. I'm sooo proud of our Davao Cacao! :-)

I would try the chocolate first to isolate the flavors, the wonderful deep, dark chocolate flavors. Then, I'd pair it with a rose champagne, because that's what a web site suggested and I'm no wine sommelier, nor can I spell it, according to the spellchecker, but I'd give it a try! Love the blog!

Where can I order these chocolate bars? Thanks.

i would make chocolate wontons with my daughter...mmmmm....

Wow! Brah, learn something everyday, didn't even know about single source Pinoy chocolate...

Well being from Hawaii and a "Poi dog": Pinoy/Hawaiian/Portagee/Insik/Sinkit/Dutch/Spanish..
Did I forget someone???
and having lived in SF a number of years..but now on Oahu,HI for over 20yrs, I've been following our fledgling vanilla bean and Chocolate Industries here..Single source of course!

I think it would be great Homage to my life to make a Triple layer chocolate Mousse cake with each layer being just one single source bar. with a chocolate cake based with Scharfenberger(SF)chocolate in honor of my time living in the City and finish it off with a Haupia/Coconut cream custard mousee layer topped with Whipped cream sprinkled with Davao cocoa powder and topped with Cacao nibs for visual...Maybe make a trial run with my Hawaii chocolate for now! Thanks for your ever captivating food blogs.

Mahalo//Salamat Po!

My bad, BTW I'd finish this with some primo Kona Joe's Peaberry 100% Kona Coffee!!! Braddah can't wait, Broke da mouth, ONO!!!!

a small bite of chocolate...followed by a spoonful of rice. that's my deconstructed champorado.

With my eyes closed and my head thrown back...

Ooh! I'd make a chocolate soy ice cream to cheer up my lactose intolerant self. Then I'd crumble some peanut brittle in it! Oh yesss...that's what I'd do.

So glad to hear we are getting Filipina chocolate out!

I would probably just gobble them right up!

nettysgirl at gmail.com

with milk!
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Love it! Can't wait to try this :) Great packaging design too. Wow.

If I don't win, I will definitely be ordering some for myself.

love your blog! what a coincidence as I have recently discovered Askinosie chocolates...i'd like to make a batch of chocolate macarons with this....

Glad I found your blog. I did a search for pandan on Tastespotting and then found you. I will be saving your site.

Lucky for me I get to enter.

I would use it to make some chocolate cake or brownies. I know kind of boring.

I will enjoy these chocolates by running. Running as fast as I can. Away from my husband, away from my nieces, away from my parents, siblings, friends, neighbors and any creature that possesses a mouth and grabby extremities.

When I've ran far enough, I will wait until the dust settles, hide furtively in a place where my heavy breathing and gasps for air won't be heard (preferably behind the bushes in some remote jungle), then with tears of sheer joy running down my cheeks, I will take my first bite of my first Askinosie Chocolate. I can only hope each square of this magnificent piece of heaven will squelch the sobs of happiness that are threatening to escape from my throat. Maybe the bottle of Pinot Noir I'll be chugging as I munch will do the trick.

I would eat it one piece at a time. In between tastes, I'd have to hide it from my husband and kids... well, maybe they could have one square each :P


if i got to try these chocolates, i would probably eat them faster than i'd like, sharing with too many friends, over whiskey drinks.

happy summer! and hooray for more-than-fair-trade wages for the farmers!

I would most definitely eat one bar square-by-square with maybe a desert wine. The other bar I would make champorado, I haven't had that since I was little when I mom would make it when I was sick. Champorado and arroz caldo cures what ails ya!

if i had the chocolate- i would eat it with bits of tuyo - like i was eating champorado without the carbs.
and a total sweet and salty experience

I would eat one square every morning when I first wake up and have really bad breath. That's when everything tastes the best because you don't have anything to cloud the flavors!

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