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February 07, 2010


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give my regards to "pareng" nelson and charlize theron! hehehe be safe

have a great trip marvin...!

ha ha....zamunda! Soul Glo!

South Africa!
Have a safe trip sir!

enjoy your trip ... south africa sounds interesting to me! how fun to go to 10 cities!

Can't wait to hear more about your trip.
Stay out of trouble, Marvin J

I went to South Africa in 2006. I hope you have a great trip and enjoy the wonderful wines. Hopefully you will get to go to the Stellenbosch Winery. Beautiful place! Are you going on safari at all?

south africa!! :D enjoy ... take care .. nice blog ...

Enjoy being all warm and happy in South Africa. I'll be freezing my a** off with a few Mutineers in Manhattan wishing I was in SA.

Can't wait to read the piece! Have a blast!

I'd recognize those rand anywhere. :) Was just there last summer. Have a great trip!

Here's to paid drunkenness! Ha ha ha. Have a great time Marvin!!

grats on the gig! =) have fun and be safe!

Awesome! Can't wait to read the article. Even if you're not in Zamundi, let us know if you run into the wayward Prince Akeem.

Bah that's easy. You'e obviously in the US right now! Ha!

Zamunda!! LOL!! Wow, is it World Cup Crazy there already? Enjoy your time, be safe, and drink lots!!

I wondered about the long absence from this blog! Now I know. Have a good one.

WHA--?! South Africa?!

*composes myself*

Have a great time, kuya Marvin!(:

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