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February 22, 2010


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Wow. Beautiful. Thanks for bringing South Africa to my computer screen, Marvin. The buffalo is so cute. All things carabao-like I loooove. :)

Okay, now that you're back, cook something, for crying out loud. It's been too long!

Whachu talkin bout Marvin? I see food everywhere. Mmm... Giraffe.
Nice to see you're back safe! :)

Awesome! But this post is such a tease . . . we need more details!! (Especially about the springbok carpaccio). 8-)

Welcome back and looking forward to your next post!

I just learned something new today. Buffalo is carabao in Tagalog. We call it Kerbau in Bahasa Indonesia.

Nice pictures, Marvin. Seems like you had a blast in S. Africa.

how awesome to be able to see giraffes from your hotel room!

South Africa! Oh the envy! It looks fantastic Marvin...awesome scenery truly :)

Wow, amazing photos - a friend was just raving about South Africa but no photos and now with your pics I can see what he was going on about. What an incredible adventure. Thanks so much for taking us with you.

Really enjoyed your photos Marvin! Looks like a wonderful adventure.

No spit bucket, I'm with you.

Enjoyed the pictures. Brings back great memories of my trip. I did not ride an elephant so I am jealous! LOL I totally agree with you on the spit bucket not needed! Spittings such a waste!

Beuatiful photos of my beloved country! Glad you had such a magnificent time.

xoxo South African Girl.

Awesome!! I know someone who went the other year and she had an amazing journey. What a life-changing experience this must have been!

That's amazing, you saw all the major animals on your trip!
Imagine bringing Joe home, baby lumpia would be quite the cool baby riding on top of the big "horsey" with his daddy around town.

Gorgeous photos, Marvin! Everyone I know who's been to South Africa raves about it; I even have a friend who wants to move there!

But...why didn't you take pictures of the food you enjoyed? That's too bad. Some time ago, Mila, Socky, and I went to a dinner hosted by the South African embassy. The food and wine were just wonderful. I especially loved the port they served.

Oh my gosh, it looks like an amazing trip! I can't wait to read all about it.

Very, very nice! Welcome back and thanks for sharing these awesome pics!

all that needs be done, is to simply revoke the damned authorizing and implementing legislation, and not only is it back in the bottle, but it is as dead as a post legally and historically.

woha !!! the big five of africa amazing snaps

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