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January 11, 2010


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I'm making me some of that magic chicken liquid! When I caught a cold halfway through our Phil trip, I had a bowl of arroz caldo every morning at the buffet (among many, many other foods). Cure-all!

I asked my mom the very question you answered: what's the diff between lugaw, AC and goto? I forgot what she said about goto (tripe?) but the other two confirm your mom's definitions. Looks like we have to defer to those dear ladies!

Your little man is so cute! He looks like he's messaging with his eyes: "What is he trying to make me eat?!" It's delicious, Little Lumpia - trust your dad. Thanks for the recipe - I'm needing some more of this magic!

I love lugaw... it always made my tummy happy when I'm sick.

BTW, Baby Lumpia is sooo adorable! I don't know what you or your wife look like but I'm guessing he gets the cuteness from his mama? ;) Are his eyes blue or is my screen playing tricks on me?

That's so cute! Thanks for the baby picture. I hope you guys are starting to get more sleep now! And, of course, the recipe's good too. Can't forget the focus of the website, after all!

Baby Lumpia is so adorable! Thanks for the great recipe. I am making it this weekend. I have been sick and I am hoping that the magic in this porridge rids of this vile illness once and for all!

Oh man, when I saw the first photo I thought to myself, "That looks like it has the texture of baby food." Then after the second paragraph I thought, "Oh, she nailed it!" :P

I'll have to give this a try sometime. :)

Baby Lumpia is sooooooo cute! Those blue eyes are amazing! Lugaw seems like it would be a much more proper baby food than that "chicken and rice" mush from Gerbers. I bet he'll love the arroz caldo when he gets to it.

Baby L is so handsome. I swear he's doppelganger for my son who's Belgipino.(Hubby is of Belgian descent by way of Upstate New York). Caucasians gettting down with the brown, often results in excessive cuteness! ;-)

Love "magic chicken liquid". So tasty and flavorful! I always try to get plenty of it when I steam chicken. So good with steamed rice, but you make its use even better :).

pwede po ba xlinks tayo? na.add na kita sa blogroll ko.. foodblog din akin.. maraming salamat!

hi marvin
i've never had lugaw before, but arroz caldo, yes.

thanks for the tip about steaming the chicken rather than browning it. that seems so much easier and less labor intensive.

baby lumpia is so cute!

Thanks for the tip on the magic chicken liquid! I love lugaw/arroz caldo --- better than any medicine in making me feel better when sick :)

Baby Lumpia is adorable...I'm sure he is so glad you let him have lugaw (yummier than bland rice cereal I'm sure!)!

Awwwww... so adorable!! Baby's first bite of delicious food is as important as the first steps and saying, Dad, i need to borrow the car. I like the idea of introducing complex and very real dishes to little ones, instead of just giving them a bowl of bland mushy stuff. They're absorbing so much information; why not get their palates ahead in the game?

BL is so cute! Love lugaw, too. That was our magic medicine when we were kids. And yummy, too! I think I'll make some arroz caldo this weekend, esp since it's supposed to rain. Perfect!

I was going to say something about the soup and thanks for the cultural info but I scrolled down as I read and fell completely in love with the guy that seemed to have eyes only for me...

Oh he is so cute!

My nephew, Stone, 7, loves onions, has ever since he was a baby. I kept thinking he'd have really like that as a baby too, with scallions, maybe more finely chopped.

He likes lugaw! Such a Pinoy :) And a super-cute (and blue-eyed) one at that! Yes, my distinction for lugaw vs. arroz caldo is indeed the presence of chicken parts. (In fact, lugaw may be flavored by many other things, not necessarily ginger and chicken, though I'm hard-pressed to think of other/better ones).

Your baby is such a sweetheart.... Oh, he really melts my heart.

Lookit the blue-eyed baby!!! So cute. Although I really don't want kids, this post made my biological clock hungry. *sigh*

The Lugaw looks tasty, btw!

what a doting dad you are! baby l is lucky as he is introduced to a wide variety of flavors...
yes my babies grew up eating lugaw too!

What a nice surprise to see a picture of your baby! He's adorable, Marvin!!!

And yes, I think it's best to start kids young on different flavors. Who wants to feed a picky child?

Thanks Tangled Noodle! Yes, arroz caldo is like filipino chicken soup, it's the best cure for colds.

Thanks very much Kat. Yes, my baby's eyes are blue, but they may still change color. And his cuteness is definitely from his mother;)

Don't worry Jikuu, I'll won't change the focus of this blog, at least not intentionally;)

Hi Heather. I hope you're feeling well.

Thanks for visiting my blog, Caleb.

Thanks Dea. We hope he keeps his eye color, but we've been told that babies tend to change their eye color within the first year.

Hi Jean! Yes, cuteness definitely happens when getting down with the brown :P

Thanks ETE! Good point about adding the liquid to rice, sounds tasty!

Thanks punky. I'll check your blog out for sure.

Hey there caninecologne! I know not browning goes against all western culinary thought, but steaming the chicken first definitely adds more flavor imo.

Thanks very much joey! I hope you and C and lil C are doing well. Soon, lil C will be on lugaw soon too!

I totally agree with you Prime. Hopefully introducing different foods will help him in the long run.

Thanks bagito! And there's nothing better on a rainy day than arroz caldo!

Thanks Cynthia! Don't let him break your heart;)

Stone sounds likes he's well on his way to being a good eater! Thanks LL!

Hey Manggy! I've never had lugaw any other way, but I'm sure it's pretty tasty in other forms.

Thanks so much Tuty!

You're too young to have a biological clock, Julie! :P

Thanks impromptu! I hope I'm not too doting;)

Hi there, Katrina! Yes, hopefully with the different flavors he doesn't become picky, but I hope it doesn't backfire either.

Oh, my gosh! BL is so cute!
His eyes are so blue!

Now about the lugaw, I WANT.

Hey there, Mr. Pogi Baby! Howzat lugaw treatin' you? Hmm?

...o, sorry. Cute babies turn my brain into, er, lugaw.

I'd like to try feeding this to our 8.5-month-old polipino daughter (daddy's mostly Polish). We're thisclose to starting proteins, and it would be a great introduction to meat. Thank you for the idea.

i miss lugaw. my lola used to make this when i was sick with absolutely anything as a child, and used to stand over me to make sure i devoured the whole thing, painful shards of chicken bone and all. sometimes i even got a few fibrous, pungent ginger chunks as well, but (as with most lola's i imagine) her love was draconian in nature and her methods, though painful, ultimately did more good than harm :). she was all gangster in her kitchen skills/grandbaby rearing.

speaking of babies, yours is a cutie! and he's probably gonna give you guys trouble with the ladies when he gets older!

- sara!


Your Son is very handsome!

Thank you for your Lugaw Recipe, I made it for the first time. My husband thanks you!

AHHH...the classic. I grew up with the ever exotic GOTO. All are great. Just depends on what kind of protein you're looking for...if you're up to grubbing on the less popular parts that is.

my mom inexplicably also began using saffron in her arroz caldo a couple of years ago!... was there a Filipino Mom Memo that we didn't know about?!...

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