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January 20, 2010


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Nice -- gifts from a traveler is a universal thing; just like Japanese omiyage. Las Vegas is such a popular destination for people from Hawaii, there are shops set up in LV just for gift-buying. People bring empty suitcases just to fill with things to bring back for family upon their return!

They both look really great, but the banana leaf version looks so much more gluttonous. I think it would depend on my mood. I wish my cousin would come to visit with a suitcase full of goodies like this. I am pretty sure she'd just bring soy cheese.

Ahahaha! I thought the same thing, it looks like a huge slug. But, yum! I really like tupig. I've never tried the kind cooked inside the bamboo, though. End result looks like bocayo.


The two desserts is similar to Lao and Thai version. My favorites has to be the tupig. It is call khoa lam in both Lao and Thai.


Okay, mister-- back off the puns! :) You've once again eaten something even I haven't! (And my mum is from Ilocos!) I have to say, though, that the banana leaf one still looks more delicious, even though it doesn't even require as much of an effort as the bamboo one.

Looks like I need to head to the Big 5 for that $3 machete! And I can't believe my grandmother's been depriving me of tupig all my life -- it sounds so good (even if it's not particularly pretty)...Yum!

wow this is interesting! i grew up in the philippines but the tupig i just know is the one wrapped in banana leaves! great post!

I love tupig! I grew up in the Philippines but didn't get to taste tupig till I was well-settled here in LA. You can buy frozen tupig at Seafood City...probably not as good as the ones fresh off the sheets of Batac but not half-bad once heated up in the microwave. And the chewier, the better. I've never tried the ones inside a bamboo thingy but I wouldn't wanna go through all that effort anyway, esp. without that scary-looking bolo. ;-)

Nice bolo. LOL. It reminds me of the ginormous knife in the Japanese movie DEATH TRANCE.

I bought something similar, a Thai delicacy. I will try to make the banana wrapped ones, it looks delicious.

You're just too funny. Now, where can I get that machete? It's the best for thwacking coconut.

Wow! I love suman but have never had tupig in either the banana leaf or bamboo. I feel so deprived as a Filipina. How awesome is your cousin for bringing these to you - and I thought I was being daring by bringing back two queso de bolas!

Y'know what would be great with these? Coconut jam . . .!!! 8-P

I can't tell you how homesick this made me. Thanks for posting about the wonderful tupig.

you know how dj babu, in the documentary "scratch," says filipinos have 2 role models - their dads and qbert? i'd nominate you for that list too. love the play by play on the pasalubong, love your blog. ilocano in the house, yo.

Hi Wasabi. Yes, gifting is a universal thing, didn't mean to make it sound otherwise. I've never heard of omiyage though, so it's good to get another term from another culture.

Erin, the banana leaf version is definitely more glutinous, but in a good way. Soy cheese? I can't imagine;)

The bamboo tupig is really good, Faith. Try and have some if you ever get the chance.

Thanks very much for the link, Frank. The thai version looks awesome!

Puns? I have no idea what you are talking about Manggy. I never ever ever use puns. Ever. Anyways, I've got to go listen to some Tupig Shakur now on my ipod.

$3 machete Lorena? How dare you! That's at least a $5 dollar machete:P

Thanks very much, Impromptu Diva!

Frozen tupig? Really bagito? I will definitely go out now and try to find them. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks oggi. I look forward to seeing your homemade version!

Thanks Tuty! Yes, these machetes are good for lots of things, and thwacking coconuts is one of them!

Ooooh, you're right Tangled Noodle. Your coconut jam would be incredible with tupig!

No problem, Lou. Thanks for commenting.

Wow, thanks f. I think that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.

Oh, I haven't had tupig in ages!!! Back when my family had a house in Baguio, we'd always buy tupig from the street vendors on the way. But now that we've sold that house, we've had to give up tupig, too. :-(

Like several commenters, I'd never heard of tupig in a bamboo. I'd love to try it, though. But if it tastes anything like bukayo (which it resembles), then I'll stick to the banana leaf version. ;-)

Need to request this the next time I have family come in from PI. The bamboo one reminds me of what little prize there is after spending much time opening a blue crab. I'm sure the prize is worth it though...hopefully...haha.

i ♥ tupig too!!! hope it's available in Manila. I only get to buy whenever we'd go to Baguio and pass by Pangasinan on our way back. We never fail to bring home some of this & puto Calasiao.

yey for tupig. although i call them tinupik. one word that comes to mind when i eat it: rustic. yeah, i know hotels are rustic, sceneries are rustic. but who cares? :)

oh yes, tupig is my favorite. i brought 300 pcs. for me and my sisters/friends to share here in abroad from my last vacation last year. it was made from my hometown in Pangasinan. i love desserts with coconut. ilocano tupig is very yummy!:)

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