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November 12, 2009


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Oh, yeah, Pacquiao, I've heard of how good he is in the boxing ring. But my apologies to his Filipino adoring fans, the guy can't sing. :-)

Can't find kalamansi around here. Would key limes be too abominable?

I love this post and have the same concerns about Manny's focus. But I'm like that with every team/athlete I root for.

FYI, you can't serve Grilled Adidas at a fight party because Manny is sponsored by Nike! :)

"It's genetically impossible for me to be a Pacquiao-hater..." Amazing. And true!

Unfortunately I don't know anyone with Pay-Per-View, and hang out with a bunch of white geeks who don't really know who Pacman is. Sadness! Nevertheless, once my kalamansi tree really starts going, I just might have to make the punch for them. I'm sure they'll appreciate that...

I'm totally making this!

First, nice new sign-in process, Marvin!

And I'm wondering who I can sucker into paying to see Pacquiao fight. Otherwise, I'm heading to a local bar for the fight and, sadly, won't be able to bring some Pacman Punch. I guess I'll just have to file this away somewhere for fun holiday drink recipes!

hmm this can be my contribution to our fight party tomorrow. I am sure my uncles and cousins have pretty much covered all bases when it comes to alcohol, it wouldnt hurt to have another one.

"It's genetically impossible for me to be a Pacquiao-hater..."

hahaha true! His extra-curricular activities might make me doubt his sensibilities but he's still a mean fighter and the sole one that can bring my entire family plus friends together regardless of ages.

So far on the menu: Lechon, turon, alcohol

Pacman all the way baby!

Actually Cotto is now resting and Manny I don't if He is in the concert right now? Any ways Congrats to Him,....I'm waiting for Mayweather to fight Manny.

Excellent for a fight night frosty beverage -- I've done the frozen bundt pan cooler for punch before. I've frozen different juices in it, so the punch kind of changes as the night wears on. Love the color of this, and I've got the Pacman song stuck in my head now!

Hi Leela. I agree on the singing. And no, key limes, or regular limes for that matter, would not be too much of an abomination. Keep in mind they may be more tart though.

You're right Arnold! No adidas for the next fight;) Bring on Money May.

Yes Lorena. this punch can be made anytime, especially for the holidays!

Hi Raissa! Your fight party menu sounds awesome. Hope you and your family had a good time.

All the way, Beth!

Thanks Fioricet.

I like the idea of freezing juice, wasabi. And now i've got the song stuck too!


That's a great drink for the real winner. I always knew that he's going to win although I don't want to sing or even run for office. :D

Manny on Jimmy K. was HILARIOUS! I must say I'm more of a beer drinker but this looks and sounds cool and refreshing. Might whip some up for the non-beer drinking crowd for the Clottey fight.

Pacman punch... excellent!

Sounds really good!

Bob Treach, Seattle Wa

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