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October 13, 2009


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It takes some mad torture skillz to make me crave tortang talong but you've got it in spades! Love the use of chorizo - I wouldn't leave it out, no matter how small the victim, er, vegetable.

Congratulations on your Foodbuzz nomination! You've got my vote - but first, I need to go beat up some hapless eggplant.

Oh DANG! Tortang Talong with Chorizo?! My mom always only made it with just eggs! And you can use the other varieties besides the long ones?! I'm inspired!

I haven't made this in awhile. I'll have to try your way! Thx!

Looks good, I always make this for brunch.

Great post! Your descriptive and evil ways with the eggplant brought a grin to my face. Oh and of course the end result looks yummy too. In a purely non-evil way of course... Mwuahahahahahah!

I have to confess I don't really enjoy tortang talong (torture? oh, Marvin...), but the mere mention of the word chorizo has got me craving your talong. kidding (huh, I wonder if that's dirty even to Fil-Americans.)

Your use of chorizo brought out a good idea... How about using longanisa browned out of the casing for this?? I think I have to try that!!

This looks really good. I think my grandmother takes off the stem and uses ground beef, if what I've eaten is what this is. She never tells me what stuff is, just puts it in front of me. ^^;
I am interested in trying this, though, since there aren't a lot of eggplant dishes that sing the praises of the eggplant. Do you have any alternatives for the grilling step? I guess for me, it seems like a lot to use the grill than go to the kitchen. In Florida, I don't consider it good grilling time until maybe late November when we finally start getting cold fronts. Thanks!

Oh, we've made torta as an egg-ground pork thing, and we've had tortang talong as egg'ed eggplant, but we've never had tortang talong with meat on them before! We just had them plain, with patis on the side.

Congrats on the Foodbuzz nomination!

Yes, you are funny, Marvin. And I did stand-up and improv comedy for a little while. So, consider me an *authority* on humor. Or not. :P I'll see if I can get through the Foodbuzz survey so I can vote for you...Maybe I should fuel up first 'cuz it looks like a looooong survey.

Anyway, this looks tasty and I'm happy to see a vegetarian version! But, I'll definitely be using chorizo, albeit a soy-based one (soyrizo is tasty, if a bit oddly named) to spice it up. Yum!

Wow! I didn't realize the recipe was so easy! I tried making this a little while ago. I just dunked a smashed raw eggplant in egg, hoping that frying it would cook the whole thing. Needless to say, it didn't turn out so well. I'll be sure to try out your way this time! =)

hi marvin
tortang talong is one of my faves - but only my dad makes that dish the way i like it.

10 years ago, my in-laws had broiled eggplant in their toaster oven. maybe they broiled it in there or it was just there because they were saving it for later...in any case, i remember looking into the toaster oven and freaking out because i thought the broiled eggplant was a dead bird. it was blackened so i thought the part near the stem and the stem was a bird's head and beak. ewww. but it was only eggplant.

btw, i voted for your blog! i hope you win!

wow this is great :D Its just like how my mom makes it except for adding the meat. I will try that out next time I make this dish. The worst thing is peeling it tho. That is not fun :P

Great idea on this chorizo variation! I'm gonna' have to try it out! Congrats on your nomination! Truly well deserved!!!

Hello Burnt Lumpia. I'm back to say hello and see what's cooking. I love your page. It makes me hungry but brave in the kitchen. Just writing to tell you I've nominated you to win a Kreativ Blogger award. There's some participation involved so if you don't have time, don't worry about it. See details at www.samwich365.com 10/14 post. Aloha. Keri

Congrats on the FoodBuzz nomination! And this post looks amazing. I need to do more with eggplant and this is a great inspiration!

my torta is in the oven right now (i decided to do more of a frittata type thing) but i think you should warn people that if they do the eggplant under the broiler, one should prick holes in the eggplant in case it decides to, i dunno, explode. in your oven. i guess i had an especially moist eggplant.

Chorizo? I've got some longanisa in the freezer. Wonder if that would work.

I had this for dinner at my mom's house last night! I thought I was the only one who put ketchup on it. Great to know that almost every Filipino does it!

This looks and sounds amazing! And I can see why your humor is being recognized! Your account was actually fun to read!

Tortang talong is one of my favorite Filipino dishes, although I like mine plain with only egg and no meat :) And yes, as is typical I love it with ketchup! But sriracha sounds great!

haha, i didn't know 'tortang' meant 'torture' XDD makes a lot of sense though haha! your recipe looks great, i never tried it with chorizo before but i should definitely try that next time! but as for my tortang talong, i love it with a vinegar-garlic dip!! 8DD

(Gasp in horror) You, sick, sick, eggplant-killing blogger.

Actually, if I was there I would have joined you in torturing the poor thing. Mwahaha ...

Not much of an eggplant fan, but this method of cooking makes it looks so tempting. Must try.

Keep up the good work, Marvin. My vote is cast. Best of luck!

Thanks for the vote Tangled Noodle! And yes, I do have some crazy torture skillz!

My mom also made it with just eggs, Dione. But I've seen other recipes that used ground pork, so I figured chorizo would be good.

Thanks Gracie.

Thanks Janice. Tortang talong is a great idea for brunch.

I'm glad you approve of my evil ways, Woman;)

I'm sure it's dirty to everyone, Manggy;)

Awesome idea, robflux! Longanisa would be great!

Hi Jikuu. You don't have to grill the eggplant. You can broil it, or turn it right on the burner of your stove.

Thanks TS! Definitely give the meat version a try, it's more filling!

Stand-up and improv, Lorena? Awesome! And it's not a survey, that's the actual voting form. I'm glad an authority like you does find me funny though.

It's definitely easy, Dea. And the grilling adds a nice smokiness, do add that step.

Yikes, caninecologne! That is a disturbing eggplant/dead bird story. I'm glad it didn't scar you for life. And thanks for your vote!

Hi rolfe. Peeling the eggplant isn't that difficult if you've charred it's skin.

Thanks very much, Bong.

Thanks for the nomination, Keri. I'll check it out.

Thanks wasabi prime. Glad I can provide a little inspiration for you.

Thanks for the tip vivian. I've never had it explode in the broiler before, so I've never pricked holes in it. But that's a good tip to do just in case.

Hi Labs. Yes, longanisa would work. And yes, ketchup is normal for tortang talong;)

Thanks Deborah.

I like it with just egg too, joey. But I do love the addition of meat!

Vinegar and garlic dip sounds great with tortang talong. Thanks Hazel.

Thanks for the vote Leela!

I love your step-by-step on how to make this and the "graphic" pictures! A friend was trying to explain to me how to make it but I couldn't get it right!

"egg bath of shame" - LOL!!! Great post.

hi love your blog,just happened to see it while going to rasa malaysia web.i've been in u.s.ince 1966.retired fr. the navy in 1986 and started cooking first with italian dishes,mexican since i live in san diego area,chinese and now malaysian and vietnamese food got all my recipes fr. the internet.i'm proud that we now have a filipino blog post.keep up the good work.oh by the way torta in mexico is a sandwich.

This must taste amazing! I loved laughing during my read of your post and will come back. Keep up the good humor!

i dont add meat with my tortang talong. plain eggplant will do for me. plus fired rice and fried tuyo dipped in vinegar! yum yum yum

Your humour and easy wit adds a tantalising element to the recipes, making them even more memorable. You have literary and culinary skills a unique combination.

super loving the captions! "Charred, I'm sure!" hi-larious!

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