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August 13, 2009


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That's great news - the baby as well as the getting back to blogging soon :)

Congratulations! Best wishes to you, your wife, and Baby Lumpia as well! :)

Congrats, Marvin & the Wife!! We're waiting for the cigars *LOL*

Blessings to Baby Lumpia.

Congratulations!!! Can't wait to see photos of Baby Lumpia!

congrats! :)

Congratulations! On the birth as well as not posting the sonograms with a lumpia marking the boy's *harumph*.
I'll be looking forward, as everyone else is, on photos and things. Please rest up, Ms. Lumpia! It's a long journey from here having now two boys to look after. ^_~

Congratulations!! What wonderful news!!

Two...Two little lumpias.. ah, ah, ah...

Seriously: healthy baby's and healthy mommy = truly a blessing... Congratulations!


CONGRATULATIONS!! So happy! Can't wait to meet Baby Lumpia! :)

CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU AND YOUR WIFE!!!!! Here's to a happy and healthy baby!!!!!! How wonderful to hear such great news!!!!!


Congratulations on the Baby Lumpia :D

Congrats!!! I'm really liking this Baby Lumpia moniker. I hope that's what it says on his birth certificate. ;D

Congratulations!! You guys must be so excited. :)

Congrats to you and your wife on your beautiful baby!! I'm glad the whole family is well and healthy.

Congrats Marvin to you and your wife on your new bundle of joy! :)

Congratulations!!! The Lumpia family is growing! Now you have a little disciple to teach all your lumpia tricks and secrets! :) Enjoy this special time together :)

Congratulations! Great news indeed!

Welcome to the world, Little Lumpia! Wishing your whole family much joy in your newest member!

wow! congratulations =)
how cute a mini lumpia ^.^
wish you n your wife all the luck!

Congratulations to you and the Wifey! Does this mean when he grows up, he will be known "Boy Lumpia" aka "Anak ng Sunog na Lumpia"! Translation: "The son of Burnt Lumpia"... Sounds better in tagalog though!

Congratulations to you and your wife!! Welcome to the world Baby Lumpia!

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Burnt Lumpia!!

Congratz to you and the wife!
Welcome Baby Lumpia! ♥ ♂

Yay! Congrats on baby boy lumpia's arrival. Glad to hear the whole Lumpia family's doing well. :)

Omedetou! Félicitation! Congratulations! Glückwunsch! Lyckönskan! Ucapan Selamat!
ok im running out of languages...

welcome to the world of sleepless nights!

Aww, Baby Lumpia. Congrats!


Congrats and more power to you!!


Felicidades! =) Best news I've heard all week! Good luck, Mr & Mrs Burnt Lumpia! Baby Lumpia's one lucky kid! ingat

how sweet! congratulations to the burnt lumpia family

Congrats Papa Lumpia! Woo hoo!

congratulations! you are going to have one well-fed kid! :D

CONGRATS to the new parents!!! I'll be looking forward to pictures of the baby lumpy :-)!!!...if you don't mind?

Oh congratulations on Baby Lumpia! And what a BIG boy!

congrats on the bouncing baby lumpia! :)

Congratulations to you both! I miss reading your posts, but don't rush -- I know how exhausting this time must be. Enjoy being with Baby Lumpia! :-)

Yay!! Congratulations!!

Your baby lumpia is quite big! Congratulations to you and your wife!

Hooray, congratulations!!! The world is now one more lumpia stronger. =D

Hey Big Daddio! A hearty congrats to you and Mrs. Lumpia. YAY! Now, get some sleep if you can. Can't wait to hear more about Baby Lumpia.


Check out my blog! I would love for you and other blogger/foodies to help me create a menu for my new restaurant.

I am taking a grass roots approach to doing this and I want the menu to be inspired by the people that will go there.


Labor must have been hard, huh? XD

CONGRATULATIONS!!! baby lumpia? that's cute, lol
God Bless.

Congratulations! If your life was interesting and enjoyable before, it's going to be even more so! How exciting!

Oh no, I'm late to the party...

Congratulations to all of you, and I hope you are all in good health and enjoying every minute!

Congratulations! Enjoy every sleep deprived moment.

this is very late in coming, but CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm sure he's absolutely gorgeous!
Take all the time you need to enjoy your new baby and probably very tired wife.

Hi, I am new to your site and have been lurking for sometime. First and foremost congratulations on your new addition. I have to say I thoroughly enjoy your site and found myself chuckling especially at the story of you buying fish (The Fish Story). I stumbled upon your site whilst looking around for Filipino recipes. Let me give you some background. I am American and my very good friends are Filipino. I love to cook as well and I am always sharing my food with them and theirs with me. They have inspired me to try something new in my cooking. I just got done making the Pinoy Pork BBQ on the skewers which was a big success. I am trying Adobo chicken and the meatloaf this week as well. Now your site has inspired me to make my own blog on my cooking experiences. Can't wait to see what you will be writing in the future!

Oh my gosh! How did I miss this! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Everyone, thanks so much for all the well-wishes!

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