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July 14, 2009


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Nice, now all you need is kamote-q and you're set.

I am one of those Filipinos that believe salabat can cure all ills :) The hotter (stronger) the better...it burns everthing in its path! I also love rum-based cocktails so your salabat cocktail is pure wonderful genius to me :)

There's a ginger/salabat martini at Larry's Bar in Fort Bonifacio. A friend first thought it smelled like medicine, since she associates salabat with being sick. But I kinda like it. Pretty refreshing and a nice kick at the end.

Have you ever tried the instant salabat/ginger brew powder sold at Filipino/Asian stores?

Yes, this is completely unsurprising. When you turn a cocktail into something non-alcoholic, then I'll cry about the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Then again, it makes sense that you might do this for your dear wife, or worse, for your demon seed in order to turn him/her into a budding alcoholic. Must start small, you know?

By the way, will you be trying to sneak away for AB's 10th anniversary live episode in Atlanta? <.<

I always recommend this for people with sore throats. I was working on a movie set last week where everyone was screaming and yelling. I got so many thank you's that I saved them from losing their voices. The power of the ginger. ;-)

This sounds so delicious, Marvin! I love salabat and rum, what a perfect match!

hmmm...i always tried to avoid salabat when i was young-er. until i discovered it tastes a lot better with calamansi! and now, rum! thanks for the added zest, marvin!

I definitely want to try making the hot tea and the cocktail! YUM!

Thanks Mike, though I prefer banana-q!

I also love strong and spicy salabat, joey. It's especially good with rum though.

Hi Mila! I can imagine how well the salabat would go with a mild gin, or vodka even. Hmmm, I may have to experiment with ginger martinis now.

Hello Fortuitous Faery. I have not tried the instant salabat, though I've read about them. But making salabat from scratch is easy enough that I don't think I'd try the powdered kind.

You're on to me, Jikuu. It would be in the child's best interest to get started on the alcohol asap;P. And sadly, I won't be going to ABs live show, though I wish I could. Any other year and I would have definitely made plans to go.

A movie set full of screamers, jenn? Sounds awesome. Salabat cures all!

Thanks Katrina. If you love both separately, I'm sure you'd enjoy them together.

It's definitely better with a squeeze of calamansi, bernadette.

Thanks marguerite. I hope you enjoy both.

thats sounds divine! ill try that... i wonder if itll go well with vodka... hmmmm...

omg! youre from the valley? hahaha nice! they have 2 seafood city supermarkets there now, one in nordhoff and closer to where my aunt lives. im in san diego, thanks to the US Navy, and we live in east county... oh asian store so far...

A cocktail on Burnt Lumpia? Noooo :P Of course, I'm more familiar with salabat than I am with Dark and Stormies :) I've had neither, though!

hmmmm... sounds good!!! I think I will have to do extensive research on this cocktail to see if the ginger will counter-act the hangover!!!

wonder how the salabat will taste with a fruit liqueur......hmmmmm...

Whew! Thank heavens I scrolled down - dark rum, now we' talking! Hope you and the wife and the wee little one are all going well.

Try making a Pimm's Cup with salabat. Not only do you get the spice of the ginger, but you could also probably add even more Filipino flair with a splash of calamansi.

between this two i think i prefer salabat cocktail!! it look so refreshing!! perfect for summer!! what a wonderful creation of yours again!

yes, salabat is very good to our health. I really love the taste too.

Yup ahnjel, I'm from the valley;)

You haven't had salabat manggy? Maybe since you're a doctor you don't get sick much so you don't need salabat.

Hehe Bong. I'm not sure if the medicinal properties will stretch that far!

Good question, princess. I'm not sure which fruit liquer would be best though.

Thanks Cynthia! I'm glad I have your approval on the rum;)

Nice JungMann! I'll definitely give a Pimm's Cup a go.

Thanks dhanggit. It definitely is refreshing for the summer.

Thanks PI.

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