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July 31, 2009


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Wait a minute! Where's the lumpia and pansit on the menu? Now, it won't be authentic without these iconic Pinoy fare. Although, I'm glad to see Adobo made it on the list.

Oh, I wish I could go! Sounds like a great time.

That's cool of them to put this together! :)

adobo is my all time favorite!! the menu makes me hungry and crave for pinoy food!

Stinkin' Dodgers! (I'm a sad, sad Padres fan.)

Can't believe you guys are not only winning the division, but you get to eat Filipino food in the ballpark, too! Is there no justice? :P

Tickets have sold out for this section! I need a couple of tickets if you know of anybody that has extras.

Man, why can't they serve Filipino food at Padres games? Balut! Balut!

Are you going?

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