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March 08, 2009


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Take it easy and hang in there! Will be here when you get back :)

The economy leaves much to be desired but I can't wait to hear the wonderfully goods news :) Do tell!

Very interesting. I look forward to finding out about your good news!

I'm looking forward to your future posts...about food and more...

Aaah, marami na ang utang mo sa 'min! hehe. It's all good. Will be looking forward to more of your posts, hopefully soon.

I'm looking forward to hearing about your wonderful news, but there's no rush. I know all too well how demanding and challenging the beginning of this year has been! So go ahead and catch your breath. We'll wait. :-)

Man, now I'm dying for a plate of sotanghon after seeing it pop up at the bottom of this post. Hope your great news puts the smackdown on the bad!!!

Now you're just teasing us! We look forward to hearing more about the good news!

Whose cat is that may I ask? My cat is a calico too, and has that black smear over the half of her face.

Oh come on Marvin, I wouldn't say meeting me again was, you know, *wonderfully* good. Ha ha ha :) Just kidding! Yay!

Hey Marvin, I've been MIA at my end too. Hope to hear about the wonderful soon!

Bro, we love you and don't you feel pressed to post here. Don't ever let the blog be something that becomes a responsibility instead of a pleasure. Besides, every time I reread an old post I laugh again at your humor! You're the best!

hi marvin
i'd rather wait for you to do a really good post rather than read a crappy rush job post with no substance. love your blog and the fact that you're spreading the word about how great Filipino food really is.

Hope all is well for you guys. We'll have to get together soon. Fix up a little feast for you. Todd.

Try and come back soon. You have starving people waiting on you :)

Love to your blog.

Waiting for more!

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