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February 09, 2009


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I can't wait for this episode. OK, I am entering this by saying that I wish to see him eating adobo. :)

I love to see him eat sinigang and kare-kare..

I want to see Anthony Bourdain eat laing and pinakbet. Oh, did I say I want that autographed picture....so baad :)

de-lurking here for Tony... =)
lechon done Marketman style is what I wish to see

I'd love to see Tony Bourdain having kinilaw in coconut milk. Am not sure though if he did have that during his visit. I'd really love to have that autographed pic -- if I were in Manila during his visit (am pursuing a Master's in Netherlands right now) I would've tried to go to a book signing of his or any event he was part of!

I heard he visited Bale Dutung in Pampanga. I'm a Kapampangan so it will be sooo exciting to see him eating the delicacies and dishes i grew up with. :) But all in all, this will be an amazing advertisement for the Philippines, its culture and food!!! :)

I want to know if he had paksiw na pata ng baboy with the leftover crispy pata (what leftovers?).

we don't get Travel Channel at home. i'm not sure if that's even a part of the german cable channels.

anyhoodles, let me know if he eats Dinuguan. that freaked me out. hahaha!

My wish is simple - to watch him pitted against an old lola as they race to see who can make the most lumpia in 15 minutes. I think that would be hysterical.

bopis and sisig! oh, and some kakanin to finish off!

Being 1/2 Pinay, I am so excited to see this episode. I would love to see him eat balut and kare-kare with bagaong. My lolo loved to give me balut when I was a kid. And kare-kare with bagaong is my absolute favorite dish.

My apologies if I mispelled anything!

Okay, have to find the Travel channel on our roster of channels here. Our cable company changes them every once in a while and it's always such a disorienting experience.

Wonder if it's the same date and time for Canada. Will check. Thanks for the heads-up.

(And maybe I'll finally win something.)

Oh, Pick Me!
Looking forward to the show. Love Anthony B and have never seen a travel show featuring Philippines. Very cool.

I hope to see him eat lechon with all the crispy skin .

Been looking forward to this episode since I first heard from your site ... want to see his thoughts as he compares the lechon to the suckling pig he had in Bali ... also want him to try some adobong pusit, one of my favorites..

I want to see the King eating "Chocolate Meat" (aka Diniguan)!!!

I have my picture frame ready Marvin...


Unfortunately, I don't have cable so I will have to wait for your reviews... But, it would be fantastic to see him have some dinuguan and kare-kare in Manila, bangus in Dagupan and kilawen from Ilocos! Mabuhay!! Can't wait to hear about it! :)

theyre showing the teaser for the Phil episode now its Marketman's lechon and AB walking with a "Bawal Umihi Dito" sign on the wall.
i'd like to see him eating dinuguan too or meat chocolate as some american pastors in our town call it.

Ha! I jumped onto your blog just to tell you it was airing next Monday! I'm so excited! I hope he covers halo-halo. Adobe may be the national dish, but halo-halo is the national dessert!

i want to see tony's face light up when he bites into marketman's accuchon skin! =)

Oooh,a giveaway! I'd love to see Tony eat Lechon and/or Cebu's Torta de Argao :) I can't wait to watch this show!

I'm shamefully not really up to speed with Filipino culinary wildness but if AB doesn't eat dessert (really, any assortment of kakanin), I'll be sorely disappointed :)

I want to see him try Filipino bbq of all kinds!

I'd like to see him eat bagnet or crispy pata.

I can understand why he deems the pancit palabok as nothing special, it looks pale and didn't have much palabok.:)

i definitely want to see his facial expression as he takes a bite of that famous Market Manila's lechon!

Tony should have some Bicol Express! But really, I'd watch him eat just about anything. I'm so glad to see our cuisine featured on both his show and also Andrew Zimmern's.

Crab torta!

I'm so excited even though I don't get the Travel Channel here!!! I can't wait to see him eat MM's lechon! :)

I'm pretty sure he's going to be doing the whole adobo stuff, but it's the pinakbet that I hope he tries and then butchers the name of. Can't wait to see it!

I am insane with jealousy--Anthony Bourdain eating fishballs!!

I'd like to see him gobble down a nice plateful of sizzling sisig and wash it down with ice cold San Miguel Beer. It would be also be quite interesting to see what Mr. Bourdain thinks of manggang hilaw with bagoong.

I'd love to see him eat the Rosing's caramel squares we sent him, but I doubt he did. (Heard he isn't too fond of sweets.) So I'd be thrilled if I saw him eat MM's lechon and pronounce it "the best pig ever!"

Do Filipino drinks count? 'Cause I'd also want to see him drunk on San Mig Light, like he reportedly was at Bale Dutung. :-D

Hey Marv!

I want him to eat one of those ice cream sandwiches. And I do mean sandwiches! Like ice cream, inside bread!

I'd love to see Tony eat dinuguan (sp?), balut, halo-halo, mango with bagoong, any food with fish sauce. :)

I LOVE SISIG!!! Hopefully he'll get a taste of that.

How about puto bungbong, sans rival, brazo de mercedes, itlog maalat, sarsiadong isda, pancit malabon, lumpia shanghai, at KANIN BABOY. Oops! scratch the last one!

p.s.: I have changed my sign-off name from Yarn Hungry Hog to Yarn Hungry Piggett.

Lechon, I dare say!!! I've been craving for authentic lechon and was so looking forward to coming home in March for my sister's graduation but alas, the economic situation has led to an unfortunate series of events on my finances. I can only wish and hope that it will be featured by Mr. Bourdain on his spectacular show :)

I guess SISIG was featured at the show!

What else would I want to be featured (and taste tested too) other than MM's famous lechon. The epitome of lechon done "just right".

Will be interesting to see him eat dinuguan and puto!

This isn't going to be fair. I've followed MarketMan's chronicles on the No Reservations shoot.

But I just wonder if Tony got to try Alavar Bagoong with green mangoes in Cebu.


Yup, definitely dinuguan and sisig! More interesting than the usual adobo and balut. :)

Would like to see him eat halo-halo! Green Mangoes with Bagoong! Dinuguan with Puto! Pancit Palabok! he he he!

I'm a huge HUGE fan of Anthony Bourdain I would love to have an autographed picture of him. I'm exited to see if he would be eating BALOT and what he thinks about it lots of foreigner I know hates it but I myself loves it. I would also like to see if he would be trying DINUGUAN and BOPIS are such excellent Filipino dishes. YUM! Can't wait for this episode

sisig with san mig light!

Because he's such an adventurous eater I'd like to see him try crickets, balut (bones, feathers and all), isaw, innards and other "eeeky" delicacies most Pinoys, and foreigners, cringe at.

I want to see him eat the Lechon with gusto! The Lechon of MM!

I'd love to see him eat some pata!

Hope to see Bourdain eating ginataang langka!

Hope to see him eat chicharon bulaklak

Wanna see him eat leachon with the freshest kinilaw ever. Lechon paksiw, too!!!
I looove Anthony Bourdain!!!!

i wonder when they're showing this episode in australia

That first bite of marketman's crispy lechon skin, adobo, kare-kare, sisig, sinigang and halo-halo with carabao milk and leche flan...with a huge smile that says it's cuisine worth a trip to the Philippines!

I wanna see him eat crickets from pampanga!

I would like to see him eat any of the following: for breakfast - tinapa,singangag and itlog na maalat; for Lunch: Manggang Hilaw and bagoong; Pinakbet and Bagnet; merienda : Turon and Halo-Halo; and for Dinner: Chicken Inasal and LaPaz Batchoy. hehehe. these are my favorites.


lechon paksiw, adobong puso ng saging, and manggang hinog (with suman) at hilaw (ensalada/with bagoong). i believe our mango variant is quite unique in shape, color, and taste compared to what most americans are exposed to:-)

I'm from downunder, do i qualify?

Lechon, of course, is what i want to see...or anything 'bout pork

i want to see Tony Bourdain enjoying the authentic lechon Cebu

I would like to see Tony eat authentic kapampangan delicacies "batute" (fried frogs stuffed with ground pork), "burong hipon/balo-balo" (fermented rice with fresh water shrimps) and adobong camaro (rice field crickets)

I would love to see him eat kalderata and pancit malabon.Go Tony.....

i'm so happy!!! he sampled one of my favorite food... taho!!!!! i remember eating that for breakfast when i was young.

i hope he gets to try the inihaw na panga ng marlin, isaw na baboy, and lucban longganisa. mmmm
i've been following bourdain since he started on the other channel's show called A Cook's Travels


and I hope to see him drink lambanog.

i hope it's sisig and papaitan!!

How about some balut. My husband went last year and his buddy tried the balut, he could not eat it.

Hope he tries bibingka! I like this man very much and I hope he does a second feature of the Philippines!

betute and camaru

I would like to see him eat chicken feet or "adidas", papait (cow's stomach) and chicharong bulaklak ( pig's omentum).

Have massed email (blank cc) friends and family about watching AB in the Phils. (!). Pancit & lechon, which is ubiquitous in the Phils., and favorites of mine. After reading MM's posts & watching the video, we now know he had a taste of those dishes, but still my choices.

I love to see him tasting balut, papaitan, vigan's bagnet and dinuguan. I'm a big fan of Anthony Bourdain and always watch No Reservation on Travel and Living Channel. I'm Looking forward for the Philippines episode.

greetings from new jersey!

was referred to your blog contest by market manila. and of course, i'd like a chance to win the autographed photo of tony!

i agree with the others that he should eat dinuguan, since it's essentially pork--his favorite meat! haha.

no more balot, please. it's overrated already. he ate that in vietnam...
homer eats pork rind, so there's that in the US...
filipino food he would have had, you say? hmmmm.... this is how we roll!
adobo with sinangag. it's a must.
lechon, of course. AND pritchon.
isaw! betamax! soup #5! (just for him, hehe..)
leche flan..sansrival...
green mango with bagoong...
ensaladang itlog na maalat...
and aligue (pure crab fat) slathered on top of garlic rice,
washed down with ice-cold san miguel beer...
which is what i'd eat.
ahhh....heart attack heaven!

oh yeah, kwek-kwek and day-old chick, pampanga-style!

Pick me! :) I wanna see MM's lechon!!!

This is so exciting!

Just seeing the preview is making me homesick (I'm living in residence for college). I miss my Lola's home cooked meals. There's Filipino restaurants around here, I'm sure, but nothing beats her cooking.

I'll definitely be taking over the TV in the common room to watch this.

I'd like to see Tony eat some Ilocano food especially Vigan empanadas

Holy cow, I'd love to win this. And if Tony doesn't eat a whole roasted pig during this show, I'll be sorely disappointed.

Does Skycable have the Travel Channel? is that the same as Discovery Travel and Living? sorry I'm kinda clueless about this but would really love to see the show

ah, a man after my own heart.. love the guy. I hope he enjoys all the best we have to offer-- lechon!!, kare-kare with bagoong, dinuguan, kilawin, sisig, SMB!, chocnut, ube/durian ice cream, leche flan, chicharon, bulalo, lengua, bangus, kakanin..

siyempre pati adobo, all 300 variations. haha

I hope to see Anthony Bourdain eat chicharon with laman. = )

I'd love him to try soup number 5 with a side of Pampanga's crickets. I'm sure balut won't be interesting for him at this point.

Ilocano empanadas
Lechon Kawali
Pritong Isda

pls tell ab he is so pogi and lovable... and congrats on quitting the smokies...

let him eat tuyo with suka, danggit, daing, inihaw na dried pusit, tokwa't baboy, aratiles, atis, chesa and chico and caimito... burong talangka at burong mustasa with pritong isda - SARAP!!!!

Long time reader, first time commenter, but I suppose it's only appropriate considering how cool that schwag is!

Anywho, I totally want to see Tony eat some Bulalo. It's just the hearty thing that would set off his palate. And, of course, the obligatory lechon.

Kinilaw na Kambing!!! Wild!

I have been waiting for this episode for eternity and 3 days from now it will finally be shown. I hope he'd be trying out dinuguan with puto or kare-kare, or seeing Mr. Bourdain eating pork sinigang would be a thrill.

i'd love to see him try papaitan, dinengdeng, and bagnet!

I hope to see Tony eat Sisig! And some pinoy street food (isaw, kwek-kwek)!

I have been waiting for this episode for sooooo long

What food do I want him to eat? Its a toss up between sisig, kare-kare or lechon mmmm

I'd love to see him eat jumping shrimp with a little lemon. Yum!

Kare Kare!!

Looking forward to seeing the episode.
Love Tony, but I think someone else would appreciate the pic more than I, good luck everyone!

I am married to a puti and we love Anthony Bourdain, as well as Andrew Zimmerman. It's about time that Tony did a show about PI. I remembered how he passed up doing a show in PI on his viewers pick week. I would like to see him eat kare-kare like my Nanay use to make..with Tripe and other bizarre type of meats. I remember the tripe fondly because my Nanay called it towel because of it texture and she also referred to something as Libro because the meat had many layers. Other Pilipino cuisine that Id like to see him eat are Balut, chicken intestine kabob dipped in vinegar/garlic sauce,fish balls, sinigang and for dessert, Kuncinta, Halo-Halo, puto, banana-q, and puto bong bong. Last but not the least, good ole' Lechon. Man, all this food talk makes me so hungry for Pilipino food. Mmmmasarap!!!

Bulalo! Or maybe sisig. :)

Dude, Dinuguan will be there or be square! YAY it airs tonight! :D

Hopefully he's going to be trying something much more daring than... say, pancit canton. But isaw and balut would probably be more his speed. :D

I can't wait to see this episode too. And I hope to see if he'll eat dinaguan!

You know...I'd love for him to explore Filipino fast food culture and why spaghetti and fried chicken are so popular.

Does that count? :D

saw the show and LOVED that he ate and enjoyed my FAVORITE - pinakbet!

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