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February 25, 2009


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YAY for you, Marvin! :-)

Congratulations Marvin! Bravo!

Congratulations Marvin! The person in the front cover has a very amazing fruit hat. Never seen that before!


BTW, that soundtrack is pretty hilarious!

congrats marvin! =)

Congratulations Marvin! I've always thought you were gastroporny so this isn't really a surprise to me :) Well-deserved!

Congrats on the mention. Well-deserved. I am thrilled to learn more about your food and you do an excellent job at representing it.

Cool! Good for you Marvin!
I'll keep my eye out for this magazine.

clap,clap,clap (that was me, clapping, ok)..props to you! Good job in getting word about Pinoy cuisine out there. It's about time.

I got misquoted...:(

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