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February 11, 2009


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Whoa! I want some of that now! :-P

wow! sarap! Makes me want to go to the grocery now and buy some liempo and cook lechon kawali. My dip of choice is vinegar(the native kind) with lotsa garlic and chili. yummy!

looooooks sooooooo gooooood! love your blog, btw!!!!!!

darn you marvin, this is not what I need right now. I am drooling all over my keyboard.

No no no, Marvin, shrimp paste, not fish sauce! (which is patis.) ;) Okay, now that that's out of the way... I WANT TO GO TO THERE. I will bring you tons of bottled lechon sauce cos I won't have it any other way ;) (a lie. I've been known to use sweet chili sauce too.)

My Kapampangan grandma does something to pork belly wherein she super-salts it after boiling it in brine, then deep-fries it. It is not for the hypertensives but it is super-delicious and goes well with the tang of banana ketchup :)

I think my cholesterol just jumped 200 points, but I want! I want! All the goodness of crispy roast pig, but with some of the fat fried out. Err, maybe?

Um, if you have any leftovers, I'd gladly take them. Seriously! Looks awesome and maybe, just maybe I'll pick up some pork belly to roast and fry up next week - lol!

Damn--that's exactly how my dad makes his bagnet, though he always called it Lechon Kawali (even though we're also Ilokano, go figure). In an attempt to make it healthier when I was growing up, he would broil it, but it wasn't the same. I noticed that after I moved out of the house and it was him and my mom, they would deep fry the sucker--and have hella bagnet to the point where there was always some lying around in the kitchen. I would resist eating it, but then that lasted all of 2 minutes.

Oh my gosh, I think I need a cholesterol cleansing glass of wine after reading that. Yum!

that was almost better than porn...

My Kapampangan mother (who now rocks in heaven) made what our extended family deemed to be the best lechon sauce to go with lechon kawali, regular spit-roasted lechon, paksiw na lechon, heck even pieces of cardboard, it was that good!

Those look so good but having just gotten my lab results back (not good) I think I am going to be staying away from lechon kawali for the time being =( or maybe just eat the meat and skin but not the fat in between =(.

lechon kawali + lechon sauce = yummy!

side note: I almost got a heart attack seeing a man eat lechon kawali with bagoong rice. Yikes!! He might as well have joined you in your third invocation.

It's always a pleasure reading your posts! Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try it with KBL. It sounds good with it.... something to cut through the nice tasty fat!

AAAAHHHHH!!! Your lecon kawali/bagnet looks like perfection...truly! I want to jump into my screen and grab it!

When we visited Ilocos, the guy who was taking us around also refered to bagnet as chicharon and vice versa...and he looked confused when I said I was confused!

Thanks pleasurepalate! I'd give you some, but it goes pretty quick around here;)

Thanks for visiting my blog Jaja. Sukang Iloko vinegar is good with this.

Thanks joy!

Pictures of fried pork have the same effect on me too, veron!

Yes, yes, yes, Manggy. Generally speaking, bagoong is shrimp paste. But Bagoong in Ilocos is also fish sauce and shrimp paste. And I figured you would be the one to catch the Liz Lemon reference;)

Hey Dub C! Hmmmm, I guess some of the fat fried out, but not that much. It's deadly stuff!

Sorry, no leftovers Joelen. But it's super easy to make yourself, it just takes some time.

What's up Efren?! There's no way I'd be able to resist even for 2 minutes;)

Hi Erin. Mmmm, I'm guessing a full-bodied red would be great to cut through the fat of this dish.

Best compliment I've ever gotten! Thanks roland!

Hi Jeano. If your mother's lechon sauce could make cardboard edible, you should bottle it and sell it!

Hi Raissa. This is why I don't get cholesterol tests or any lab results. But I'll probably regret it later:)

Thanks very much, Bong. KBL is definitely my choice of condiment.

Thanks Joey! No matter what it's called, it's dang tasty pork!

This looks SO delicious! Every photo is so tantilizing. Somehow this looks a little bit like the chinese roast pig too, but this looks even more scrumptious and fatty!

Very informative article like always; I never knew about this dish before I read your post!

OH MY! now I want that for lunch

Oh my. So evil yet so good!

I genuflect in the presence of the porky trinity.

The fourth in the installment! I like a spicy vinegar dip, rationalizing it as being healthier than using lechon liver sauce. One of the local restaurants has a bagnet salad, mixing up the shards of bagnet with tomatoes, onions, and mangoes, and the sauce is a blend of soysauce and vinegar and shallots. Heavenly with lots of rice.

Oh. My. Yum.

Yeah, and my mom's got a deep-fryer, too--one of those big round ones. And when she fries, everything within reach goes in. The moral: stay our of the kitchen when Mom's frying.

Please don't think bad of me, but I could eat every last crunchy piece all by myself!

I saw this in a Filipino cookbook and considered making this, but I didn't think it would be a good idea because I would eat every single last piece all by myself.

Those blisters are unreal.

(And of course, newspapers... that's the genius way to do it. Easy cleanup!)

This is a good idea. I got a deep-fryer a month ago as a gift. I thought that I am going to make only french fries in it.

Goood God man...you never cease to amaze me. I love this dish (second only to sisig, which is actually when I have it just lechon kawale all chopped up and dressed in lemon juice, etc.). But I wonder...couldn't you amp the crunch-quotient by chopping it up first and then frying? Or is that not Kosher? So to speak.

And I had no IDEA that the process was so involved! I think I need to make this. And I think I need to die.

Now that's smack yo mama good! I've tried making this before but I didn't know about that 24 hour drying period. Being a Filipina married to a white man (from Ireland, no less) I love the smell of porcine goodness wafting through the house. I love reading your blogs and looking at your food porn - think you can somehow add a scratch 'n sniff component to the picures?

hi marvin
great post as always - even though i hardly eat it, i love pork belly (especially in sisig)! one of my friends puts lechon kawali in his pinakbet and man, is it good!

wow i never knew that i have to air dry the pork after boiling... maybe thats why it doesnt stay criepy long... i should try your way marvin! thanks for the tip

hey hey hey! it's hammer time! =)almost ripped my sides out with the newspaper comment! we use em to clean windows too! with or without windex and yes, even car windows... lol!

kbl's great with this but i also sometimes use just kalamansi and patis as a dipping sauce.

great 4th installment! i wonder what the 5th one's gonna be...

You are going straight to hell and I will be right behind you!

I. Trust. You.
I like your mom.
KBL sounds like a great accompaniment. Tomatoes onions and fish sauce, I am intrigued. What else is it served with?

Believe it or not, this post inspired me to make dinuguan. I think b/c of the word "pork." Wish I had a deep fryer to try this out :(

Great recipe and its detailed technique...
Thanks for sharing.
BTW, 2 lbs of pork belly isn't going to be enough for me and my family... I'm going to have to double the recipe :-)

It's probably a bit more fatty than the chinese version, Eat Travel Eat. This is deep-fried goodness!

Thanks sweet simplepleasure.

Evil indeed, ubs!

Praise the porky trinity, js!

Hmmm, this bagnet salad you speak of intrigues me, Mila;)

Yikes, Julie! I'll keep away from your mom and her deep fryer!

I would never think badly of you, dp! Especially because I'd eat the whole thing myself too.

Can't fry outside without the newspapers, ts;)

Deep fryers are for much more than just french fries, artisan.

Hi Elmo. You could chop the pork into smaller pieces, but then the fry time would be much less, and I don't think the skin gets as crisp with a shorter fry time.

Thanks very much mangomulligan--your name's a good not to you and your irish husband;)

Good point, caninecologne! Pinakbet is especially good with pieces of bagnet in it.

No problem ahnjel!

Hi greasemonkey. I've used newspaper to clean windows before too.

I'll see you in hell Cynthia!:P

Hi Lori Lynn. It can also be served with a simple vinegar dip, or some liver sauce.

One of these days, krizia, I'll try making dinaguan too.

2 lbs. wasn't really enough for us either, tuty;) But it's all I had left.

I'm from Pampanga and I love, love, love bagnet. I cook it and everyone in the family goes gaga over it. However, I do it the "short cut" way, lol! I don't have the patience for curing and freezing, so I boil the meat along with the curing ingredients (garlic, bay leaves, peppercorns, salt) until tender then deep fry it twice, the first one for an hour on medium heat, the second time for 30 minutes on medium-high heat. I recreate the blisters when I see that there isn't enough by sprinkling a little water while deep frying, I doubt if its safe to do that, but heck, it gives me desired results, lol.

One of these days, I'll do it your and Market Man's way and I promise to blog about it, too. :)

You make me hungry dear,i am avoiding fatty food this time because i am pregnant.Too much fat for me is bad.


You make me proud to be Ilocano, comfortable with my culinary choices, and closer to God.

in my family we call litson, kawali or otherwise as killing me softly...but it so good.


Oh! I really love Lechon Kawali. That is one of my favorite "ulam" and that post makes me feel crave for that. Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. It makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing!


I read a lot of foodie blogs but just this lechon kawali entry made me a fan. Keep up the good work and keep the recipe coming!


i worship pork till i die , pork for life get in there son!

pork has worms but u lot still eat it good luck getting cancer u pork pagan worshippers. Izlam is spreadinfg get shook!!!!

pampabata lang ah haha

I have been looking for this recipes for my mum for ages...thanks a million!

Sinfully delicious! I wish one day, magawa ko din yan! Unfortunately, where I am, they take out the pork skin =/

What a delicious blog! You're my man, Martin! You and MarketMan. ;-)

Drooling all over my keyboard here in Nairobi, Kenya. I'm gonna make me some of this, cholesterol be damned.

looks delicious!

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