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February 18, 2009


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Wooohooo! Can't wait to see it! Good luck and knock em dead! :)

Awesome. I would freeze, I am total crap speeches and interviews, ugh the horror. Good luck!

I can't wait for you to post the vid (as I will in all probability not be able to see it when it airs). Crossing my fingers that there's not a Paula Abdul-level of satellite interview missteps! I'm sure the lovely Ms. So will appreciate reading this and learning she will interview a man with no pants on! ;D

Are you kidding? I totally remember that! Congrats and will be anxiously awaiting the video. hehe.

Damn! That's this afternoon! I'm going to miss it but I'll be waiting for you to post the video. Also, for those who have have Time-Warner Cable, you can go to "On-Demand" and watch the reruns.

It's been cold lately so I recommend "pants on" instead of "pants off"


looking forward to the video...i probably already missed it on tv already.

i'm sure it went well.

i missed it will try that "on demand" thingy i have TW cable

We all remember your first cable tv gig! And now that you've made it clear you shall be half-montying it on future gigs, it shall make things even more interesting. Ms. So might ask better questions knowing that fact too :D

do post the vid since I'm not from SoCal.. :o)

Hey, this is great news! It must be very nerve-wracking but exciting to be in front of camera:)) Congrats!

Did you... do it sans pants? LOL

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