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February 19, 2009


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Pant-less blogger and his whistling bird .... That's really good! Your writing style is what sets your blog apart from other food blogs! You da man! Anway, great job on the interview. We should get together sometime and talk about food.

If Rod Blagojevich had a long lost Filipino son, it would be you!!! Nice interview brother.

Hey Marvin,

I just love the captions on your pics! I am sitting here laughing about your crazy bird! Thanks for making me smile when I have two sick boys at home with the stomach flu ;( Now I will take a look at the video.

Have a great weekend!

That bird of yours ain't playing around!

You did great! You conveyed what your blog was about. Your "performance" was better than theirs. You're right, they inserted some pretty random footage. And if they'd done their homework a little better, they may know you recently did a series on pork and ask you more questions about that. Or ask your opinion on the Bourdain episode. Or maybe ask you more about the Filipino food scene in your area. But what do I know?

I don't think the bird was bad. It was probably more distracting to you than anyone else. Kind of like my kid is to me :-)

Great job and thanks for sharing the vid!!

Oh man, I can't wait to go home and check this out!

You could've had parrot adobo . . .

Hahaha, I can tell you got distracted by the parrot's whistling when you had to ask Janelle to repeat the question about dipping etiquette. :)

Wait, I thought Janelle said "bird lumpia" towards the end. LOL!

Much better this go around. Good job Marvin!

hi marvin
i thought you were quite cool and composed on the video, but yeah, that footage was kind of random. it didn't really add to it.

i wish you have more interviews like this! About your parrot?...naw, didn't notice his whistles until the last :-D...until you wrote about him in this post! Maybe Janelle didn't either...! Just so it's done and gone with---forgive your parrot and let him live!please! ;-D

Congrats on getting known more and more, Marvin!

I kept listening for him, going "I don't hear the bird. Is Marvin crazy?", and then it finally kicks in. Ahh, bat crazy bird. Always fun. Great picture of him too. Really captures the essence of it.

It kinda seemed like the questioning was very generic, but I guess that makes sense since that segment of the show was for people who had probably never seen Burnt Lumpia before.

My husband also had fun finally hearing the code switching I tell him about with Filipinos. Ms. So does a nice seamless transition between the languages that left his head spinning. ^^

you did good, though I wish you had a longer time :o( ..maybe the oh-so-lovely-Janelle will call you again? hmmnn..

LOL, pants-less and a whistling bird?! That post just made my day! ;)

You did great! The bird wasn't distracting. Right now I'm trying to wrap my head around the flip-flop thing Ms. So does when she alternates between Tagalog and English.

Take a bow because you did great Marvin! :) Love watching the clip! Clapclapclapclap!!!

Ok, now I have to say I almost fell off my chair laughing at Alberto's tweets!!!

Definitely could've used a haircut there :)
Good thing you were able to talk about Filipino Food this time.
No double dipping!

Hi Marvin! Remember me? :P I think you did a great job and the hair looks better than it did in the coconut video-- and better *now* too (not that it matters). I wish Ms. So was briefed a little better about blogs and about your blog specifically. I cringed a bit when she asked about your "blog spot!" I was wondering if she'd eventually ask to see your bird!

Gosh Marvin your writing is sooo funny. I wish Janelle could have captured your sense of humor too. You consistently crack me up! Does she know how funny you are?

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