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January 05, 2009


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So sorry to hear you've been sick! My hubby was sick too over Christmas but we had a lovely quiet Christmas anyway :) No rushing and no hectic traipsing from one gathering to the next -- different but good :) All the next to you and B in 2009! Hope we can see you guys again soon!

I'm SO looking to that episode!

Happy new year Marvin! I hope you've fully convalesced by now. Who the hell are those people e-mailing you for purpose A?! Let me at 'em!!

Hope you feel better, the weather must not be helping much.
We are simmering with excitement, in anticipation of that episode, will he like us, will he diss us, will it be the best pig ever??? Ay!
Have a great year Marvin (and the rest of the BL family)!

Hope you feel better soon. I am in the same boat.

Happy New Year!

Hope you are feeling better. It sucks being sick.

Thanks for the heads up about the upcoming Bourdain in the Philippines episode. I'll make sure to record that.I hope he gets to eat lechon kawali and diniguan!

can't wait to watch that... happy new year!!! and hope you're doing ok... :)

The hubby has been wondering too when the Philippine episode will air. Unfortunately for him (or maybe us), he will be in Manila where he won't have the time to watch TV. If I decide to join him I too will not be able to watch. Replay na lang when he (we) gets back.

Hope you are feeling better.:)

Happy New Year!

Are you referring to No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain? I have been watching that show in the Discovery Channel back in Manila! Unfortunately, I will also not be able to see it because we are now here in New Zealand.

I will be visiting again. Thanks for this news!

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but during the Mexico (season premiere)episode of "No Reservations", there was traditional Philippine music in the background. I am not on crack. I watched the episode twice, and I heard banduria music in the scene where they were at Cantina La Mascota, and at the bullfight in Carlos' hometown. I recognized "Bahay Kubo" and "Carinosa". I used to be a folk dancer, so I know folk music when I hear it.

Yes, Caroline, I recognized the music, too! I caught the program about that time & I thought at 1st that it was the Phils. episode! I guess we have to wait a few more weeks...

Hi Marvin - I hope you feel better by now.

O O O I want a bull taco!


Hi Marvin... You know more than I do as I don't even have a tentative date for the program, though I think Feb 9 or 16 is a good guess going by the places they visited in chronological order... I will do a post if I know anything for sure!

get well soon! you guys should get yearly flu shots...

Can't wait for that episode of NR. It's about dang time. Looks like there's going to be lots of pork involved.

Congratulations on your Best Asian Blog listing on Blogs.com! It's nice to see Jaden give a shout out to you and WORC!

Wow! This is great news! No reservations in the Philippines! Awesome!

Hope that you are felling a lot better.

Happy New Year!

Thanks very much joey! The best to you and C as well. I'm sure we'll all be able to see each other again;)

Thanks manggy. I knew I could count on you to have my back.

Hi Mila. I'm sure AB will not diss the Philippines. The best to you this year as well.

I hope you are better by now too, Erin.

I'll keep the updates coming about that ep, caninecologne.

Thanks mikky.

You should set up some kind of auto-record if you and hubby are both in the Philippines, oggi. But that's even better that you'll actually be there.

Thanks very much for visiting, watson!

That is quite the observation, caroline. I certainly didn't notice, but I don't know anything about Filipino folkmusic.

Well, that confirms it, guia! I wonder if the producers knew what they were doing with the music. Probably not.

The bull tacos looked great, right Lori Lynn?;)

Hey there Marketman. I've already been told that the schedule has changed to Feb 16! I'll do a separate post as well on the new schedule.

Hi greasemonkey. You know, I always think about flu shots, but never get them;(

Hi Jude. I should hope lots of pork would be involved!:)

Hi Food Wolf! Thanks for the heads up. I actually didn't know until you told me. I'm very flattered that Jaden enjoys my blog.

Thanks Foodista!

Happy New Year to you too, Cynthia!

Happy New Year to you and B, Marvin! I hope you have fully recovered now.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on the No Reservations Phils. episode. Do you get Bobby Chinn's show in the U.S. too? Any idea when his Phils. episode will air?

Thanks Katrina! Happy new year to you as well. Sadly, I don't get bobby chin's show here, so I don't know anything about it:(

Now I am confused. Since elementary grades, we had been singing "Bahay Kubo" and loved it as one of the Filipino folk songs. When I heard it played as background music when Anthony Bourdain was at Cantina La Mascota in Mexico City, it puzzled me. I am now asking some of my Mexican friends if this is also a traditional Mexican song considering that the Galleon trade before came via Mexico.

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